Action Boy

Action Boy is Captain Action's sidekick, the original Super Hero Action figure, created by Ideal toys in the 1960s.

In 1967 Ideal Toys mirrored the tradition of teen age sidekicks by introducing a teen-age companion for Captain Action: Action Boy! As Robin is the happy antithesis of the dark Batman, Action Boy's smiling, ebullient face offers a marked counterpoint to the stoic, almost sad visage of Captain Action. The original costume was red and blue with a later edition was a metallic silver and blue similar to a space suit. Both editions came with a leashed black panther (named Khem in the Captain Action comic series).

As with Captain Action, Ideal created costumes for Action Boy including Robin, Superboy and Aqualad. The packaging art on these costume boxes was drawn by famous silver age DC artist Murphy Anderson.

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Comments (2)
John - January 21, 2021
Anyone know where I can buy an original or reproduction Action Boy Robin Head/face
Jerry - April 30, 2019
I know someone who has a really nice action boy in the original box with the boomerang the panther everything the original bag that the accessories come in he's wanting to sell it but I don't know what to give him for it can somebody email me and let me know something about action boy thank you
An original vintage action boy, boxed, can fetch between 400-600 USD. See also some listings on this website.