Adrie has loved babies and dolls all her life, still has some childhood dolls she cherish, and she has always been creative but especially with pencils and paint. In 1991 she discovered sculpting when a lady in the neighborhood asked her to join her doll course. She was hooked from the start, bought the supplies that were needed and started to sculpt at home as well.

At first Adrie used paper clay and sculpted girls but when she came across polymer clay, she knew that she found her medium and tried her first baby. Many of them ended in the bin before she was ready to show her work to others and soon after that she attended small doll shows, with success.

Adrie Stoete loves sculpting reborn babies and she is always trying to achieve to make them as realistic as possible. She finds it very exciting to see a face growing in her own hands. It gives her a great amount of joy when a new baby is 'born' although she is the worst critic for herself; every next one has to be better than the one before.

Over the years Adrie Stoete worked for many companies, like Lloyd Middleton, AD, Masterpiece for dolls, Little Dream Collection and Dolls to Love for kits.

She also brought out some limited editions of solid silicones, because they feel so real and cuddly.

Every now and then she'll sculpt some reborn ooaks for the ooak collectors among us.

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