Agat (Radon, Tantal, USSR/Russia) started producing scale 1:43 metal toy cars in 1968. In the early 1990s Radon manufactured 29% of the USSR scale models.Company has been struggling financially. There have been rumors of company closing, but to this day it's still in business and pumping models. With the financial struggles, some of the workers, mostly women, would go without receiving paychecks for weeks if not months at a time.

Quality of models has been drastically on the decline. Gray paint has been substituted for old parts. Old molds have been used since the 70s which show a lot of wear. Some of the parts have been completely removed in order to cut costs.

Prior to the 1991, models were serialized with a unique number given to each model type. Serialized models demand a premium today since they are usually of higher quality and since the supply of them is shrinking.

Includes models which you can build yourself.Agat factory

Agat factory in Marx, Russia

Agat forum

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