All-NU toys

All-NU Products Inc. New York City, 1938-1945

Also known as Faben Products Inc.

Frank was the owner of All-NU and a former sculptor and mold-maker for Barclay and was in partnership with David Reader, the brother of Irving Reader, Barclay's chief salesman. It was incorporated in 1938 and was located in Yonkers, New York. It later moved in 1941 into a second-floor loft in Manhattan.

Krupp was the main artist for all the All-Nu toys, novelties, and souvenirs. He formed the company immediately after leaving Barclay. The first product was a lead souvenir horse soldered together. All products were sold in Woolworth's in 1941 and then World War II ended all lead production. Krupp then produced cardboard soldiers and weapons and painted them. They were not successful.

All-NU was dissolved until December of 1950. Around the year 1946 Krupp resumed toy making with a new partner. Faben Products located in Manhattan produced both new toys and novelties and continued All-Nu's prewar horses, mounted hunters, jockeys, cowboy and cowgirl on bucking broncos.

Updated: 25 June 2020

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