John Kirby Farnell was a London firm which produced the first UK teddy bear in 1906 and rapidly became one of the leading toy teddy bear manufacturers, registering the Alpha TM in 1925.

The bears were very expensive because Farnell used high quality materials only to make their "Alpha Bears", which they made to the 1930s.


At first, teddy bears made by Farnell were unmarked. From 1925 the company used a round card disc -attached to the chest of the bear- with a metal rim marked "Alpha Made" to identify them.

Alpha Farnell value and price guide

What's your 'Alpha Farnell' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Item Title Date sold Price
Farnell Teddy Bear 1920 30s Mar 2019 £ 300,00
Immaculate Old Farnell Bear Label And May 2019 £ 395,00
Mr Frost Handsome 1930 S Jk Farnell Bear May 2019 £ 325,00
A 1910 1920 Farnell Teddy Bear Bought May 2019 £ 300,00
Farnell Teddy Bear Toffee Circa 1953 May 2019 £ 254,22

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