The family-owned and managed Charles Sadek Import Company, under the Andrea by Sadek and j. Willfred names, has created a unique line of traditional giftware, tableware and decorative accessories for the home.

Founded in 1936 by the father and son team of Charles and Norman Sadek, the company today is led by Norman's son Jim Sadek, president, and daughters Andrea and Lauren Sadek, both vice presidents.

Over the decades, more than 12,000 retailers throughout the United States have come to depend on the Sadek ceramic products to provide them with a wide range of selections offering the finest quality at exceptional value.

Sadek's skilled product development team of designers, researchers and buyers, uses its vast resource of factories throughout the world to bring together a collection that remains, as it has for decades, unsurpassed by any other source. The porcelain collections, while rooted in tradition, presents many contemporary design elements, and so reaches the hearts and homes of each new generation of consumers.

Popular lines by Andrea by Sadek include birds, plates, vases, bowls, figurines, rabbits, cats, lamps and flowers.

Andrea by Sadek website

Looking for the official website? Alas, the site doesn't exist anymore. The above text I took from when it was still owned by the Charles Sadek Import Company.

Fitz and Floyd has acquired the Andrea by Sadek brand in 2015.

Updated: 17 July 2019

Andrea By Sadek value and price guide

What's your 'Andrea By Sadek' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Jered Holmes Nantucket Collage 36 Pc 08/2019 £133.04
Brown Bear Fishing Cub 08/2019 £31.31
English Garden Set Of 10 Dinner Plates 09/2019 £121.31
Art Glass Blue Macaw Bird Lamp 09/2019 £156.53
Rare Handpainted Vase Signed Andrea Hand 08/2019 £147.13

See all sold items for more prices.


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Comments (12)

Yvonne - September 15, 2019
I have a figurine Robin 9743 made without the pink flowers (4) on it. What do you know about this? Thanks
Not much, sorry! You can look here to see if you can find yours: Andrea by Sadek Robin.

Barbara - August 2, 2019
I just acquired a pair of oriental statues nr.8865. Any info on these?
Sorry, I can't find any info on Andrea by Sadek, nr 8865. Maybe try Google images.

Mary - April 19, 2019
Seeking value for Andrea by Sadek Winterthur Adaptation - Declaration of Independence Canister
Difficult to find... try this page: Andrea by Sadek Winterthur Adaptation. Maybe you can find yours.

Kenette - April 15, 2019
I am looking for the value of the 8458 Iris by Andrea 1989Made in Japan
Hi, search for Andrea by Sadek iris on my page and then click 'sold listings'. Hopefully you'll find yours!

Eileen - April 13, 2019
I am looking for the value of a pair of Andrea by Sadek Chinese dragons
You could try and search for Andrea by Sadek dragon to find yours.

Sue - June 12, 2018
Looking for value of Andrea by sandek 7559

Eldred - March 29, 2018
I had some units of your shipped by UPS They dropped something on the box and poked a hole in its. Some of the broken items: 1983 "Moose by Andrea" nr.6805; "Stag by Andrea" nr.6309; and 1985 "big horn sheep" 7245; With them being over 30 year old. Are any available to replace the ones that I have.
Andrea by Sadek is now owned by Fitz and Floyd. I think the only chance of finding these are on eBay: 6805 and 6309.

Leanne - March 24, 2018
Hello,I am looking for an Andrea by Sadek Collection Catalog of the figurines from the 1980s and 90s. Can anyone direct me on where to find any, or willing to sell me one? Best Regards,Leanne

Marsha - December 21, 2014
Looking for Slipper Orchids-Maudin Slipper Orchid and Showy Lady Slipper Orchid
Search regularly on this website for: Andrea by Sadek Orchid maybe one day they will show up.

R - August 20, 2012
I am currently searching for an angus bull, preferably with the base. I have been searching for three plus years with no results. I do not know the number. If you can help me with the number or the actual piece, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any information, please respond. My knowledge is limited, therefore my search has been slow. Thanks.
Hi, there is one for sale now (2 days of auction left), take a look here: andrea by sadek bull to find it.

Walter - August 22, 2011

J.wintercrow - August 11, 2011
My mom has a old wall tile it has a gold sticker on the back but i can not find any info on it the number stamped in red is 6750 or 6730 but the ink is smuged so i am not sure if it is a 5 or 3