Arranbee Doll Company

Arranbee was located in New York and made bisque, composition, rubber, hard plastic and vinyl dolls. They were a well known USA doll manufacturer who in their early years imported dolls and parts to be assembled in the USA, some of their bisque doll heads were made by Armand Marseille and Simon & Halbig, but later they produced their own high quality dolls. Arranbee also has a history with the Vogue doll company.

In 1959 Arranbee was bought by the Vogue Doll Company who continued to use the R & B marking until early 1961.

Arranbee Nancy, Arranbee Nancy Lee, Arranbee Nanette.

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Arranbee value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
1957 r b arranbee coty girl doll gift box set 1957 R B Arranbee Coty Girl Doll Gift Box Set... 06/2021 £870.09
1957 coty girl doll gift box set complete 3 1957 Coty Girl Doll Gift Box Set Complete 3... 07/2021 £431.43
1950s arranbee nanette wrist tag orig box walker 1950s Arranbee Nanette Wrist Tag Orig Box Walker... 07/2021 £238.55
nancy lee r b composition doll all original Nancy Lee R B Composition Doll All Original... 05/2021 £217.53
1939 r b arranbee 17 nancy lee composition 1939 R B Arranbee 17 Nancy Lee Composition... 05/2021 £181.27
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (3)
Michelle - March 1, 2021
I have two 20inch Nancy Lee
dolls which I inherited from my mother. Somehow their original outfits went missing. I am desperately searching for some original clothes for them. Any ideas besides Ebay?? Thanks!
Mary - February 17, 2013
I am looking for a doll that I rec'd for Christmas 1958.I remember seeing it in a catalog-Sears? Montgomery Ward? I think it was called a Nancy Lee doll and had dark brown chin lenght stright hair that'grew' when you brushed it. Not a baaby doll and not a barbie either. Thanks
Did you try to search for Arranbee Nancy Lee? Or maybe this doll reference guide can help.
Sabdra - August 23, 2011
I am looking for the Arranbee Sonja Henie Doll. NOT THE madam alexander one. I am looking for the trunk and clothes, too