Bachmann started in America in 1833 by Henry Carlisle. He manufactured products made from horn, ivory and tortoise shell. A large part of this business in that era was the manufacture of high-back Spanish combs for the ladies of the Southern States.

After the American Civil War this business was lost. The manufacture of side combs, dressing combs, barettes, and other hair ornaments was continued on a large scale from both horn and tortoise shell. Hand carved ivory umbrella handles were also made at that time.


In 1899, the business was merged with that of Henry G. Bachmann, a German immigrant who was engaged in a similar business with his son, Walter J. Bachmann.

Another son, Henry E. Bachmann, was at that time managing the business of Henry Carlisle.

The Kader Company was established in 1948 with the purpose of making models and toys for export around the world. In 1952 Kader made the first Model Trains for Bachmann‘s American market. This relationship developed and prospered until 1984, when Kader acquired the Bachmann Company in its entirety.

The Kader Company also produces Model Railway equipment for other Model brands. Bachmann Industries (Europe) was set up in England during 1989. It‘s initial product range, called Branch-Line, consisted of moulds used to produce the Mainline range of Railway models. These had been produced for Mainline by the Kader factory.

In 1992 Bachmann Industries (Europe) purchased the continental manufacturer Liliput and a German sales office was established, this handles all Marketing, sales and product development for the Liliput brand.

The start of the new millennium heralded yet more acquisitions and growth for the Bachmann group of companies. 2000 saw the British 'N' scale manufacturer Graham Farish purchased by Bachmann Europe plc. This range of models has also had its production transferred to the Kader factory, joining both Branch-Line and Liliput.

The Bachmann company has the following brands:

Updated: 11 March 2021

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Comments (4)
Edward - March 16, 2019
I am trying to find if ho6438, will run on a 2 rail system, usinf bachmann tracks?
Frank - December 7, 2012
i have been calling and all i get is a voice message. no one has called me back i am looking for a part so i can use the train. looking for help please sent me a e-mail or a number to calla little disappointed
I am sorry to hear this, but I am not an official Bachmann distributor... Did you try contacting them through their official channels? Here is the Bachmanns contact page:
Jeff - December 8, 2010
Hi, can you use LGB tracks with Bechmann tracks. i mean do they fit together and are they all the same voltage.
It depends I guess which sets. Also try Google: lgb bachmann interchangeable or maybe another visitor here can tell more...
Bob - September 1, 2010
Does anyone know when the GP-40, No. 4326 : 2500 Santa Fe was made and sold? I just purchased one at an estate sale and really enjoy the little thing. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Bob Biarnesen