Specialized in coin banks. The banks were made in Chicago from 1931 until 1985. They resemble famous people, animals, trophies, vehicles and architecture.

In 1931, Jerome Aronson and Joseph Eisendrath purchased the business and equipment of Banker’s Thrift Corportaion, creating a new company with the abbreviated name Ban-thri-co. Both Banker’s Thrift and its subsidiary, Stronghart, were well-known makers of coin banks.

Although Banthrico continued the Bankers Thrift and Stronghart name during the 1930s, most banks were clearly incised with the Banthrico name in the base and/or trap door of the bank until the company was sold to Toystalgia in 1985.

Banthrico made over 900 different metal banks; most were sold to financial institutions. This vast variety of banks reflects Banthrico’s capacity to create designs and produce molds for custom orders of as few as 500 or 1000 units. The designs included famous politicians, actors, college mascots, fictional characters, animals, birds fish household items, food products, modes of transportation, and buildings, particularly those of the financial institution giving away the premium.

Most Banthrico banks were made of “white metal” consisting of 95% zinc, 5% aluminum and traces of copper, brass and lead. The production of the banks required a highly skilled workforce including a sculptor, mold maker, engraver, chemist and metallurgist. The production was by hand. The caster poured the molten metal into each mold separately. Later, imperfections and burrs were removed with a belt sander and buffing wheel. Banks were then colored through an electroplating process and a clear lacquer was applied.

Over the years Banthrico made incursions into other product lines including lamp parts, trophies, bookends, figurines and machine parts. All production of the approximately 75 employee company was in a Chicago manufacturing facility.

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Comments (12)
Charlotte - May 28, 2020
I have a Banthrico bank car and I'm trying to find out how much it's worth but I cannot find it ANYwhere. And I've been searching for a few hours now. It's a car, kinda looks like a wagon-ish type build. It says Ford on the front. I keep finding ones that are sorta similar but none that are this same one. Could you help me figure out what it's worth please? Thank you!
Hi there, Banthrico made many different banks in the shape of many things. So it could well be that your car bank is different than what you find right now. However, if they are in one way or the other similar, chances are yours has a similar value: Banthrico Ford coin banks.
Ani - April 15, 2020
Our family had a Banker's Trust Banthrico bank during the 1950's. For what period did Banthrico make banks for Banker's Trust?Thank you!
I'm not sure, I can't find many of these, so probably only in the 1950s. Also try Google images to see if you can find more.
Gary - April 12, 2020
I have a bank that sits on top of a plate that on the side of it says Evans is savings founded in 1891 can you tell me where that bank was located
Sorry, I have no idea...
Gary - March 18, 2020
where can I get parts for a 1950 chevrolet banthrico car?
You could have a look here or maybe there is a dedicated Facebook page you could join.
Joy - September 17, 2019
I have a bronze Banthrico pig piggybank in excellent condition with original key. I can not find one like it anywhere. I have seen pewter ones from the 1970's without a lock box. What can you tell me about this? I love this bank.
Sorry, but I can't much about these banks. Try this page to see if you can find similar banks: Banthrico Piggy Banks.
Malcolm - May 21, 2014
I am in need of keys
Look at this: wind up keys page.
David - December 4, 2013
I have a Davy Crocket and A. Lincoln Copper or brass bank, that is in of repair. The complete trap door that screws onto the bass is gone. Can thy be repaired.
I found a website which sells parts for Banthrico toys.
Charles - June 4, 2013
Would you buy a banthrico beer keg truck? I have one and want to sell it
I am sorry, I am not interested. Maybe you can sell it on eBay or on planetdiecast.com.
Harold - May 22, 2013
Looking for Rich Vetter who lived next sstore to me in Chicago. Does anyone know his wereabouts??
No idea, did you try Google? I had around 300 results with this query: "rich vetter" "chicago" (quotes are important). Good luck!
David - December 13, 2010
New collector with my first bank. Found it at a flea market for $.25, but lock is missing. Are replacements available? I can already tell I am going to be addicted. LOL
Chara - December 3, 2010
I\'m looking for a key for a Banthrico Charles Russell bank. Who can I contact to get one?
Search for an 'original banthrico key' on this site or try Randy's toy shop.
Mark - November 22, 2010
I\'m looking for a key for a Banthrico Robert E. Lee steam boat coin bank. Who can I contact to get one?
here are some keys for Banthrico toys for sale right now. Or you can try www.randystoyshop.com.