Since its founding in 1950, Boehm Porcelain Studio has carefully handcrafted individual pieces of Boehm porcelain sculpture using traditional methods derived from the ancient Chinese process of porcelain making. Highly skilled and trained artisans and craftsmen complete a series of intricate procedures to create a finished product held to the highest standards of artistic detailing and quality craftsmanship.

Each porcelain sculpture begins its life on paper, in sketch form. The sculptor then determines its size, structure, and floral complements and shapes a rough model in modeling clay. Once the sculpture is finalized, mold makers proceed to carefully cut it into parts that complement each other. These processes can last weeks.

Boehm Porcelain Studio is recognized for creating pure porcelain sculpture from the whitest and purest clays. After being fired at approximately 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one full day, sculptures then remain in the kiln for two days until properly cooled. Pieces that successfully make it through the initial firing are refined to a smooth surface and hallmarks are applied to the bottom of the base, ready for the painter's brush, with re-firings in the kiln between applications of various colors. These colors are extracted in rock form from the earth and are then pulverized. Each art piece is fired at least three times. When finished, each piece is carefully examined against the original design and mold, in order to ensure that every detail is consistent and represents flawless craftsmanship.

Boehm value and price guide

What's your 'Boehm' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK).

Picture Title Date Sold for
I56v12 Gothic Table Picture S George 08/2019 £924.28
Porcelain Sculpture 10207 Peregrine 08/2019 £756.02
Starck London Ebonite Flute 08/2019 £750.00
Nice Old Wooden Flute In C 07/2019 £742.71
Eb Clarinet Mib French System Cocobolo 08/2019 £665.23

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Comments (9)

Louise - July 15, 2019
I want to sell my complete set of 8 Boehm Porcelain Miniature owls. Please advise.
Local auction? Or perhaps eBay? If you want to determine value, have a look on this page: Boehm owls.

Dena - June 19, 2019
I am interested in knowing the value of a set of mallard duck in perfect condition?
I could only find a few on this page Boehm Mallard.

Barbara - May 28, 2019
I have a Boehm giraffe and baby figurine. How do I find out the value? Thank you.
There are not many giraffes for sale right now, however I found one, look here. As for the baby, do you mean a piano baby? Take a look at this page, maybe you can find yours: Boehm piano baby.

Mona - May 25, 2019
Hello, I have a large Bulldog head and am interested in knowing the value. It was given to me as a gift approximately 30 - 32 years ago.
Hi, Boehm made a few different models, have a look on this page, maybe you'll see yours: Boehm bulldog.

Stephanie - April 2, 2019
Greetings. I have a 16 piece Nativity set, plus the stable, that is decorated. How can I determine the value of this set? Thank you.
You could search for Boehm nativity on this site to see if you can find your or a similar set.

Mark - October 21, 2013
I have a 30" tall limited issue Boehm giraffe figure with a broken tail. where can I repair it ? thx/mark
If you Google Ceramic restoration you'll find some restoration companies like for example Lakeside Pottery.

Traci - August 9, 2013
my grandmother has passed and im looking to sell her Boehm piece its doves with cherryblossom 1986 #20238/435 please advise
I only found these pages with some estimate: and this one:

Mary - May 3, 2013
I have acquired several Boehm bird registered professional ceramic molds. Any idea how much they are worth?

Victor - May 9, 2012
I'm looking for someone who wants to buy my Boehm pieces. I have four.