Boomaroo Toys (established in 1933) were made in Australia and to some degree direct copies of the American brand Nylint toys. Maybe Boomaroo didn't precisely copy them, but their dies were surely direct knockoffs.

Boomaroo Toys made lots of pressed steel vehicles and toys in direct competition with other Australian toy manufacturers such as Wyn-toy and overseas toy companies such as Buddy-L.

The name derives from a combination of the words 'boomerang' and 'kangaroo'.

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boomaroo wyn toy tonka mound minn sheet of 14 Boomaroo Wyn Toy Tonka Mound Minn Sheet Of 14... 03/2021 £5.56
1950s boomaroo australian tin toy vehicle catalog 1950s Boomaroo Australian Tin Toy Vehicle Catalog... 01/2021 £13.42
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021£-.--

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Garry - January 2, 2021
Hi can you buy new exhaust stacks for boomaroo tractors