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NY City, 1881 - 1962, George Borgfeldt, Marcell and Joseph Kahle. George Borgfeldt & Company was located in New York (1881-1950's) and was an importer and assembler of dolls for the American and Canadian doll markets (in other words they did not manufacturer their own dolls).

They held the distributing rights to many dolls from European manufacturers such as: Buschow & Beck, Handwerck, Kathe Krause,  Kämmer & Reinhardt, Kestner and Steiff.

They also distributed American dolls for: Aetna Doll Company, Bergfeld & Son, Dreamland Doll, Cameo Doll Company and K & K Toy.  Some dolls distributed by this company may have a "G. B." marking on them, others will not and have only the marking from the manufacturer.

Updated: 22 November 2019

Borgfeldt value and price guide

What's your Borgfeldt worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
original hi way henry 1920s wind up tin toy jalopy by Original Hi Way Henry 1920s Wind Up Tin Toy Jalopy By 09/2021 £1 001.67
huge 26 german bisque george borgfeldt doll Huge 26 German Bisque George Borgfeldt Doll 10/2021 £180.86
rare borgfeldt disney 8 pinocchio wind up walking toy c Rare Borgfeldt Disney 8 Pinocchio Wind Up Walking Toy C 10/2021 £167.56
doll german bisque 24 pansy original eyes george Doll German Bisque 24 Pansy Original Eyes George 10/2021 £111.30
13 5 german george borgfeldt baby doll marked gb co 13 5 German George Borgfeldt Baby Doll Marked Gb Co 09/2021 £122.43
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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Comments (8)
Amy - August 27, 2021
I have two small white coffee mugs/tea cups that due to the size I imagine are children's mugs/cups. Inside each cup is a brown ceramic teddy bear figurine. Both mugs contain gold oval labels on the bottom reading the following "Copyright Geo. Borgfeldt Corp. New York N.Y. 10003 Made in Japan." I have not been able to find similar mugs elsewhere no corresponding value. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry, I have no idea...
Don - July 8, 2021
I have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse wooden dols with leather ears. Tails are missing. They are 5 inches tall. They are from the 1930's. What are they worth?
Have a look here, maybe you can find yours with some prices: Borgfeldt Mickey.
Brad - April 22, 2021
Borgfeldt & Co made dolls called Little Bright Eyes and Jolly Kids. Are you aware of them?
Elizabeth - November 6, 2020
This dish was donated to our local charitable thrift shop and has the Geo. Borgfeldt circle & crown backstamp. Are there any collectors that may be interested in such a dish?
Not only particularly Borfeldt collectors, but certainly collectors or people who love these vintage dishes. Not sure how to value it though, sorry.
Carol - June 5, 2019
i have Another Nifty toy Patent 82802 very old Mickey Mouse Geo. Borgfeldt i believe it is from the early 1930's. do you know what the value is on it. thank you
Difficult to find Borgfeldt Mickey toys. You can visit this page, Borgfeldt Mickey to see if you can find yours or similar toys. If not, come back now and then to see if one was sold on eBay.
Judy - November 24, 2016
I have a rare set of wall art, real wood, round, wooden there is 1- 7 in circumference with Donald, and 8 - 4 in circumference. 2 - Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Bambie ,Pluto, Flowee, Thumber, Dumbo. They have a stamp on the back, Exclisive designes of Walt Disney Characters made expressly for G.B. Corporation. I have pictures
Wow, that sounds really good! I'm not a collector myself, but I bet you can sell them on eBay!
Jack - July 12, 2014
I have 7 mighty tanks in original boxes. What are they worth, and who are buyers?
There is one for sale right now on eBay, that is if you have a Mighty Midget COLLECT-A-TANK. It has a buy it now of 40 USD. I guess eBay is your friend here.
Don - September 29, 2012
I have a cast/tin cannon. its marked on top Geo Bergfeldt, NY, NY. Serial no 2862 net weigt 3/4 oz. I would like info on value, and etc. Thanks Don