Carlo Brianza produced his first and unique die-cast models in 1963. At first, he only used brass to produce models on a large scale. The aim for quality and perfection connected him with two other big names in model car developing: Manuel Olivé Sans & Michele Conti.

Going from single pieces to producing high-quality model die-cast cars wasn't difficult.

In 1973, he founded ABC together with his wife Ella. Their first model (series no. ABC 01) was a Fiat Turbina, and he only made 300 models so they are quite rare nowadays. In search for quality materials and innovation, all car models were made as real & accurate as possible.

ABC Brianza

Official website: abc-brianza

Brianza value and price guide

What's your 'Brianza' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Item Title Date sold Price
Abc Brianza Abc90 Alfa Romeo Mille Apr 2019 £ 366,61
Abc Brianza Abc320 Nardi Lancia Aurelia Feb 2019 £ 159,95
Abc Brianza Truck Fiat 682 Rn2 Scuderia Mar 2019 £ 101,02
Abc Brianza Ferrari 250 Le Mans Not Bbr Apr 2019 £ 73,77
Hotchkiss Grand Sport 1939 By Carlo May 2019 £ 49,99

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