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From 1968 to 1969 Buby imported Solido diecasts chassis in parts. Back then it was an excellent opportunity to import parts -instead of the finished item- and ensemble it in the country, finishing the item and producing some things such as the packaging, wheels, paint.

They imported 10,000 pieces sets at a time, it was quite a large amount they assembled them and sold in really good conditions. These items can be recognized for in the bottom part of the chassis there' s an engraving of the Solido brand, and next to it, a sticker that reads "Buby, made in Argentina", for all wheels and smaller details were made in the Buenos Aires Buby plant, as well as all packaging.

Buby argentinaThere were around seven or eight different models imported, among of which are:

- Oldsmobile tornado
- Ford Mustang
- Porsche carrera 6
- Maseratti Indy
- Ferrari Cupé

From 1976 to the early years of 1980s, Buby -as most local companies were going through a very complicated phase, for all economic policies were
adverse for them. Once again, carried on by his passion for diecasts, Buby was to become Siku's Argentine representation. They brought finished items.

These were also very high quality items, as all Buby's venture projects and products. They imported the finished product, nothing was done within the country, not even the packaging, hence, there was no Buby- Siku toys, just Siku, imported by Buby, but there was no inscription or label making reference to this. Among the imported items, these toy vehicles were mainly trucks and utility vehicles in all their different versions.

During the 80s, Buby once again joint in labors with a foreign company, this time it was Gillette. At first, Buby would develop models and castings for
Gillette and their Jet collection, but when Gillette decided to shut down it's toy production, Buby bought several of Gillette's old castings and kept
on producing those models within the Mini Buby Collection and the Buby collection.

Eleven models -who had been Gillette's- were included in this Serie 100 collection, one of them was the Maserati Indy. This collection was completed with nine other models that had appeared in the previous series, plus a new one: the Renault 12 break. There was a new uniformed packaging style for this collection.

These were Buby's joint works. This passion for toys and diecasts is unquestionable, even when he wasn't able to produce he managed to bring to
the country top quality items and great deals. His input to million's of Argentineans childhood is unquestionable. The respect and admiration earned all over the world for his productions also.

Updated: 13 August 2019

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