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Item Title Date sold Price
Stifel Buddy Lee Doll Mar 2019 £ 1 575,80
Lee Jeans Buddy Lee Advertising Doll Apr 2019 £ 393,95
Buddy Lee Jeans Advertising Doll 100 Apr 2019 £ 433,34
Buddy Lee Doll Engineer Ellent Condition Apr 2019 £ 236,37
Buddy Lee Doll Advertising Chambray May 2019 £ 234,79
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Mechelle - October 17, 2018

How and where do i find an a value or appraisal for a hard plastic Buddy Lee cowboy. I have recently inherited a lot of stuff from and aunt and I have boxes of porcelains hard plastics....alot I have been able to identfy and a lot I havent. I am new to the doll thing but have become a fan quick
►reply: You can look on eBay how much they fetch or take a look on this page.