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Buddy Lee was an advertising mascot for Lee Jeans. The doll, a promotional item for the company from 1920 to 1962, was brought back as the star of television advertising for the company's Lee Dungarees line from 1998 until the mid-2000s.

Sales manager Chester Reynolds, later Lee's board president, came up with the idea of using a doll to "model" miniature versions of the company's clothes for store displays. The 12½-inch composition dolls first appeared in the windows of Dayton's flagship store on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, then were used at stores nationwide.

Lee encouraged stores to sell the dolls after the displays were taken down, and later provided the dolls for retail sale, including versions dressed as a cowboy, Coca-Cola deliveryman, railroad worker and gas station attendant. Starting in 1949, Buddy Lee was produced as a 13-inch hard plastic doll.

The Buddy Lee dolls were discontinued in 1962 because they were no longer profitable. By then, Buddy Lee had become the second-highest-selling doll in the United States.

Source: Wikipedia.

Updated: 23 January 2020

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Buddy Lee value and price guide

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William - December 18, 2020
What kind of doll is this? First i thought it was a buddy lee but the nose and mouth dosnt lineup?
Mechelle - October 17, 2018
How and where do i find an a value or appraisal for a hard plastic Buddy Lee cowboy. I have recently inherited a lot of stuff from and aunt and I have boxes of porcelains hard plastics....alot I have been able to identfy and a lot I havent. I am new to the doll thing but have become a fan quick
You can look on eBay how much they fetch or take a look on this page.