Candy containers

Candy containers are small toys made of glass that were filled with tiny candy pellets. The candy is held in the glass by metal strips, screw caps or cardboard inserts.

Candy containers began in the late 1800s with the first two documented pieces being shaped like Independence Hall in Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell, both dating to the Centennial Exposition in 1876 in Philadelphia, Penn. By the early 1900s, manufacturing of candy containers was in full swing. These new glass toys, designed to appeal to children, also became a collectable for adults, primarily because of the wide range of designs. The shapes were historical in nature, war-related, holiday-themed, comic strip characters, animals, doll bottles and furniture and much more.

After the candy was eaten, little boys could play with a 3-piece New York Central Train or Overland Limited; they could run cars, buses and trucks through the sand, or play cowboys and Indians with a glass gun. War-related items such as tanks, jeeps, ships and airplanes were certainly in demand for playing Army. The girls could buy a nursing bottle for their doll, Flossie Fisher metal and glass furniture for their dollhouses, telephones, lamps and lanterns, rolling pins, irons, or cups for drinking.

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