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The Capodimonte logo, the Crown and Neapolitan N, was originally painted or impressed on porcelain and ceramics produced at the Royal Factory in Naples from 1759 to 1780 and was synonymous with the finest quality Neapolitan porcelain and ceramics from that period onwards.

The Royal Factory

The Royal Factory, which no longer exists, came to being when King Charles of Naples married Maria Amalia. She was the granddaughter of Augustus II, who in addition to being the King of Poland, also founded the first European hard paste porcelain factory in Meissen, Germany. King Charles developed a curiosity about porcelain through his new wife’s family.

Passion & skills

This interest turned into a passion that led to many years of research and development before the Royal Factory came about. Once the formula for porcelain paste was perfected, many skilled craftsmen and artisans, both men and women, worked to produce fine Capodimonte pieces. Plates, vases, small and large bowls, tea and coffee cups, large and small jugs, sugar bowls, tea caddies, teapots, snuff-boxes, and walking stick handles mounted in gold are among the fine pieces produced at the factory in Italy.


The factory eventually moved to Spain and back to Italy again several decades later under the direction of King Charles’ son, Ferdinand. During this period, the shape, style and decoration of the porcelain production was similar to that of the original Capodimonte factory.

Updated: 26 September 2019

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uncle scrooge disney capodimonte enzo arzenton Uncle Scrooge Disney Capodimonte Enzo Arzenton... 02/2021 £1 508.28
large 20 capodimonte luigi fabris lace figurine il Large 20 Capodimonte Luigi Fabris Lace Figurine Il... 04/2021 £1 403.17
large 20 capodimonte luigi fabris lace figurine il Large 20 Capodimonte Luigi Fabris Lace Figurine Il... 04/2021 £1 403.17
laurenz capodimonte disney aladdin ltd ed figurine Laurenz Capodimonte Disney Aladdin Ltd Ed Figurine... 05/2021 £1 295.18
porcelain capodimonte lidded beer stein tankard Porcelain Capodimonte Lidded Beer Stein Tankard... 02/2021 £1 079.91
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021£-.--

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Comments (43)
Marcus - March 15, 2021

I have a couple of pieces I would like to get some advice on please. Can I send you images?


Marcus - March 11, 2021

I have a couple of pieces I would like to get some advice on please. Can I send you images?


Jeri - February 16, 2021
Can anyone tell me anything about this piece? Victorian lady with brown top, green skirt with yellow roses, white wig, holding a fan and a rose. Says C 120/14 on base
Marcus - February 15, 2021

I have a Cobbler with certificate (bought 1967). The top of the hammer has come off but still have the piece. I also have a Tramp/Umbrella. Apart from the broken hammer both pieces are in excellent condition. Can I send you images? Many thanks.
Janet - January 20, 2021
capodimonte flower
This was my mother's. What is the approximate value?
Probably around 20-40 USD
Susan - January 15, 2021
I acquired a collection of approximately 20 Capodimonte figurines which we are trying to sell. What is the best approach? thank you
Hi Susan, right now, there are many Capodimonte offerings and I see that some of them are lots, so you could find a nearby auction house or put them on eBay as a lot. First try to determine their value.
Leoni - December 18, 2020
Hi has one crack do you have more I for in this piece and what would it sell for?
Karin - December 13, 2020
capodimonte cake stand
What would this be worth?
No idea, sorry. I can't find many cake stands.
Alana - November 19, 2020
capodimonte farmers cow
Hi I can’t remember the name of this piece but the two farmers are fighting over the cow whilst the lawyer is taking the cream.
There is a crown and N and made in italy and capo de Monte mark on the bottom with what look like an artists initials that are also embossed into the piece itself. I can send you photos of both if you wish. There
is no damage at all. Have you any idea what this might make at auction please?
I can't find this piece anywhere, sorry. Let's hope other visitors can tell you more.
Bernice - October 3, 2020
capodimonte la burla
I have no idea what this piece could be worth. It’s been in the family for over 50 years. Hope you can help
Capodimonte La Burla. Extremely difficult to put a price tag on this one... I see sold pieces for 30 to 50 EUR and estimations of 150-300 EUR... It's nice though, but I can't help you with this, sorry. You could put it in an auction on eBay with a starting price of 80 AUD and see how it goes.
Betty - September 30, 2020
capodimonte flower basket
flower basket and two candle sticks with logo Hand Made italy with N and crown on bottom...looking for value.
8 inches tallest flower on basket.
Have a look here, maybe you can find yours: Capdimonte flower baskets.
Jose - September 21, 2020
capodimonte lady figurine
I like to know the price for this item Egyptian lady
I'm afraid I can't find her. It looks like a piece by Ester Bassano. Are you sure it's a Capodimonte? Maybe there are some more details on the figurine.
Jim - August 2, 2020
I have two Capodemonte Porcelain figures by Volta Girl with basket and Boy with dove Be pleased if you could put a value on these Many thanksJim
Between 35-60 GBP each.
Jim - August 1, 2020
Charlotte lamp Capo de Monte Raffaello BedinThanksJim
Emma - May 17, 2020
Hiya I was wondering if you could help me with some capodimonte ornaments I have by letting me know the value. Thank you
Hi there, what you could is use this website to search for pieces. Just type in the upper right corner what you have, for example, 'capodimonte flowers' or maybe even a number if you have that, and with a bit of luck you can find some prices.
Helen - August 27, 2019
I have many Capodimonte figurines that I am interested in selling. My parents owned a gift shop many years ago and the pieces I have are their remaining inventory. At the time I was told that since some of these pieces were numbered they would have future value. I am not sure this is the right place to start but if it isn’t, I would appreciate suggestions as to where I can go. Thankyou.
Hi Helen, I'm afraid I can't help you with this. Of course you could spend some time browsing eBay where there a lots of Capodimonte figures to be found and value. Or you could contact Dr. Lori for an appraisal. You'll find her website here: Dr. Lori appraisals.
Kristin - August 23, 2019
I have an urn lamp that I believe is Capodimonte, but has no markings. It appears to be made from plaster with some sort of hair/string fibers in it. Can anyone tell me what type of material that is and if any Capodimonte lamps are made this way.
You can also have a look here: Capodimonte urn lamp to see if you can find one similar to yours.
Denise - July 18, 2019
I have an ashtray that is oval - edges are a basketweave pattern. Where the ashes go is white shell like pattern with 1 large pink rose bloom and 2 small pink rose buds to either side of the bloom. Value?I have 2 candle holders which look like a basket holding floral blooms (blue pansy, yellow and pink). The center that holds a candle are leaves formed in a circle. Value?
Look here for ashtrays: Capodimonte ashtrays and here for Capodimonte candle holders for pics and value.
Lesley - April 19, 2019
I have a Capo marked figure of an old man surrounded by pots and pans on a bench in front of him, he's holding a gold type pot in one hand and a silver type in the other. The base has the Capo mark. Can you tell me anything about this?
Not sure, sorry. You could try Google images: Capodimonte man on bench to see if you can find yours.
Bob - April 5, 2019
Would it be possible for me to post a picture of a lamp that my mother owned to see if it may be a capidimonte? Mom passed away recently and has quite a few antiques we’re trying to identify and possibly sell. Thanks in advance.
Best is try the links in the previous comment, I'm not really an expert on this I'm afraid... But you could send your pic to: fabtintoys gmail com and I'll do my best.
Bob - April 1, 2019
Looking for help identifying a lamp
You can search for Capodimonte lamps on eBay to find yours, or use this identification guide.
Liz - March 31, 2019
I have a country boy and girl lampstands 27 ins. Signed underneath in gold and stamped with crest. Does this have any value
Can't say for sure, Capodimonte made many lamps with this theme, but you could take a look here if you can find yours, Capodimonte lamp boy girl or try Google images.
Anita - June 2, 2014
Hi, wondering if anyone can help, my father recently passed away, and while going through my parents stuff (both past away now) I came across a Capodimonte, after searching the markings, not been able to find another one like it, it's a drunken tramp/hobo, leaning on a pile of stones, holding a bottles in each hand, wearing a hat and baggy clothes, with broken shoes. After searching throw pics on the Internet I noticed that the tramps look similar, all have patch work on there trousers, always leaning on something, ie bench, and the bottles of drink are the same style.On the underneath, the marking have a 5 prong crown and the letter "N" but a stamp saying "made in italy" could anyone tell me if this is an original??? Or point me in the right direction?? Many thanks :)
I am not an expert on Capodimonte I am afraid... Did you also search eBay for your piece, or try this search on Google Images: Capodimonte tramp bottles.
Lin - May 20, 2014
Hi, I have a Capodimonte porcelain head
Carolann - February 11, 2014
Hi. I have 2 very intricate Capodimonte figures that I know nothing about. They both have the N under the crown and has Capodimonte REAL PORCELAIN, made in Italy. They are also both signed by the same person but I cannot make it out. It looks like WSeafinello but I am unsure. The largest of the two is just over 9 inches tall and is a lady holding a basket of flowers under her left arm and some flowers in her right hand. She is standing on a rock base with 2 white doves on a higher rock. The are 4 small bunches of very intricate flowers growing on the rock and a gold scroll in the front. she has a red band in her blond wavy hair and is wearing a blue tied scarf and top with a red skirt and an apron painted with flowers and stripes across the bottom. The second one is about 7" tall, again a lady standing on a rock. There are two chickens on the floor and she appears to be feeding them. She is carrying what looks like a pot of corn holding chicken food and there are some on the floor. There are also intricate flowers growing on the floor and some delicate worms. She has dark curly hair covered with a blue scarf. Her dress is amber coloured and her apron is a darker amber painted with flowers and stripes across the bottom. Both are wearing clogs. I have not been able to find any information about these figures or about their value. They both appear to be free of any chips or cracks. Can you help.
Dido - November 23, 2013
hi there we have a ballerina by capodimonte stands about 3 inches high very delicate balerina has gold edging around her skirt and shoes and base and beautifulunique little flowers on her dress too i havent seen another like it and would like to also would you have a rough idea of its value many thanks
Really difficult to say because Capidomonte made many Ballerinas with flowers on their skirts. Maybe try to locate yours with help from Google's images, look here: Capodimonte Ballerina images.
Lou - September 26, 2013
I have a figurine that shows two white birds on a branch with a two flowers. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
Capodimonte made many of these figures. The birds are probably doves (pigeons). Try Google images: Capodimonte two birds to find your specific figure to determine what you have.
Rock - August 13, 2013
Do you do appraisals ? Kind regards Debbie
I am not an expert on Capodimonte I'm afraid... You can try the several marks guide which can be found on internet or try searching on auction sites for your piece to find a value.
Catherine - January 27, 2013
I was given a lovely intricate Capodimonte from Naples, Italy in 1986 from relatives in Naples. My grandfather's hometown. It is a young man wearing hat is sitting with blue white striped pants with straw under one arm (or wheat) and a hooked knife in the other hand. The base is gold with one gold leaf in the front. Can you please tell me what this is called and the age? Thank you.
Debbye - January 6, 2013
I recently received a gift from my father-in-law that that Made from Italy, has the " n" on the bottom with a crown and his name Capodimonte under all the above mentioned. I am quite sure this pieces of porcelain is very old,since he who gave it tome is 91, and his grandmother bought it. He asked that I try to find the value of fit.The description is 2 ladies and1 man sitting on tree trunks or boxes, playing cards, and the table is made dorm a tree as well with plank boards on top. Quite a conversation piece because the one lady has her entire leg stretched out under the table with a card between her two toes passing it to the lady across from her and the lady receiving It has her hand under the table trying to get the card unnoticed sand every single detail of this piece is so definitive ex, ankle bones, fingernails ,lots of detail. Can you point me in the direction to find the name of this piece and who to call to find out the value? Thank you so much!
The piece is called 'La Cheato' or in English 'The Cheats' and Capodimonte made dozens of versions of this piece. If you search in Google images for Capodimonte the Cheats you might find a copy of yours.
Pamela - September 13, 2012
I have a Vintage Italian Capodimonte Large footed Vase Roses.. On bottom the mark is Tipo Capodimonte, then the crown and N and says Made in Italy... Everyone that I have seen on line has 1 red rose and one yellow rose with yellow bud.. My vase has all Yellow rose's... Would you know when it was made and maybe the value of it?
Sorry I can't help you with that...
Geoff - August 6, 2012
We have a Capo sculpture, 'The Artist' designed by Sandro. It depicts an artist in his studio painting a picture on an easel.Bought in June 1979. The Back stamp is Italia. We would like to know an approximate value for today. Any ideas please.
I saw one sold recently for 300 USD.
Caz - June 14, 2012
Hi I have a Nut Roast Capo it as a man,woman and dog sitting around a Nut Roaster, can can anybody tell me anything about it?many thanks
Curdis - June 9, 2012
i have a glass figure of a girl sitting on a log and she's holding flowers i don't know what it is it has a scroll with a n and a different crown and she has a blue dress i don't know what its called will u tell me or send me a picture and the name?
Lynda - October 25, 2011
How old is a Capodimonte with a gold N under a crown? Thank you.
Adam - August 3, 2011
I have come across a large Capo lamp with 4 angles frolicking across it. It has a gold crown and N very small across the bottom. Anyone have any info about this piece ? ty
Katie - July 6, 2011
Hi, I have a large basket of roses. Have seen small ones with handles, this is quite large, with out handle. Can you give me any info on this piece please.
Lynne - April 5, 2011
Hi,I have found a figurine of a girl,hair in bunches,white with gold scroll and feather pen,standing on a pedestal.The mark says Capodimonte hand made in Italy N with crown above.There is also a Tosca mark.Can you tell me if this is genuine?
I am not an expert, so I think you have to contact someone who deals in Capodimonte.
Karen - March 24, 2011
My partner has inheirited a Capodimonte figurine from his mother. It is called 'Banjo Boy' by a sculpter named Cortese and was purchased in the year 1980. We have a certificate of Authenticity with it. Any info or value would be very gratefully received as he wishes to pass it on to his grandchild.
Marcella - November 29, 2010
I have a Capodimonte figure of a man with a cockatoo on right arm, 14 inches high, with N mark and crown and number 36. Any info or value would be very gratefully received.
Paul - October 21, 2010
Hi, I have 2 Napoleonic figurines, Wellington and Napoleon himself. Napoleon is stood with sword in sheath and a telescope in left hand as right hand is tucked away. On the base is the blue crown with the N date 1748-1813 and his name impressed in the porcelain. Wellington same set and base with date 1842 on the base. These were left to me by my grandmother in 1991, she had had them for quite a long time, ever since I was a young boy, so they are well over 30 years old.
If you could help me out with a bit of history and also a guide if they are of any value.
Kathleen - October 5, 2010
We have a piece of Capodimonte, marked Gourmet Gift selection'83 Monk Ekkehard, could someone tell me if it is worth anything please?
Clastey - October 3, 2010
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I have been given a capodimonte figure and I would like some information on it. It is a large statue of what looks like an old man selling peanuts. It has got the "N" mark and the crown and it stands 12inches high and is in very good condition. I have two young children who have taken a liking to it and I wouldn't want them to play with it if it is valuble. Many thanks.