Carette model steam engines

Carette was a French manufacturer of tin toys, steam engines and magic lanterns from 1886 till 1917.

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Carette Steam value and price guide

What's your Carette Steam worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
marklin bing carette boats has cle a steam file Marklin Bing Carette Boats Has Cle A Steam File... 06/2021 £12.68
live steam o 0 gauge locomotive loco 4 6 0 train Live Steam O 0 Gauge Locomotive Loco 4 6 0 Train... 06/2021 £300.00
carette tin lithographed organ grinder music box Carette Tin Lithographed Organ Grinder Music Box... 05/2021 £265.59
wow tin steam or wind up toy train railway tracks Wow Tin Steam Or Wind Up Toy Train Railway Tracks... 05/2021 £46.74
steam engine accessory dynamo generator for bing Steam Engine Accessory Dynamo Generator For Bing... 05/2021 £27.91
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021£-.--

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