Cherished Teddies collectibles

All the Cherished Teddies begin life as pictures by artist Priscilla Hillman (whose other collections include Calico Kittens, Priscilla's Mouse Tales, and My Blushing Bunnies).

The Cherished Teddies Collection began in 1992 and has continued ever since as one of the top performing new collectibles. The early Cherished Teddies are sought after and collectible, but some prices of figurines have come down. As well as figurines the collection also includes decorative accessories and ornaments.

Each Cherished Teddies Figurine carries a Certificate of Adoption. Once completed they can be forwarded to and registered at the Cherished Teddies Adoption Centre.

All the Cherished Teddies live in Cherished Teddies Town, and many of the figurines relate to specific collections.

In 2009, the Cherished Teddies Club celebrated its 15th Anniversary and remains one of the most popular collectors clubs and enables members (called 'membears') to receive joining gifts, the opportunity to buy exclusive Cherished Teddies and to keep up with all the latest bear happenings through the club newsletter, The Town Tatler.

Note: I'm not sure the club is still active. They have a Facebook page, but that hasn't been updated since 2016.

Updated: 27 July 2020

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Cherished Teddies value and price guide

What's your Cherished Teddies worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
cherished teddies collection ad88 Cherished Teddies Collection Ad88... 04/2021 £1 088.26
cherished teddies 4044691 deandra easter marks Cherished Teddies 4044691 Deandra Easter Marks... 04/2021 £725.51
cherished teddies 4016841 shea lexy friendships Cherished Teddies 4016841 Shea Lexy Friendships... 04/2021 £725.51
two cherished teddies statues 4009178 patricia Two Cherished Teddies Statues 4009178 Patricia... 04/2021 £652.95
cherished teddies 4007768 15th anniversary musical Cherished Teddies 4007768 15th Anniversary Musical... 04/2021 £580.40
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (19)
Evon - July 31, 2021
I'm actually curious if you know what the plush German boy is worth I cannot find it or lavender scented one anywhere thankyou
Can't find the plush German boy, sorry...
Karen - July 15, 2021
Do you buy cherished Teddies we have 85 some duplicates and members only pieces along with regular pieces.
I'm afraid I don't buy anything, I already have enough stuff ;-)
Paige - July 13, 2021
Hello! I have about 30 different Cherished Teddies, a few smaller ones and some large ones. Would it better if I sold them as a lot together or individually? They're brand new in the box with no damage, and some of them have the "adoption" paperwork with them. Thank you!
I would try to sell them as a lot, or try to establish if you have a few rare ones in your collection which you could sell separately. Good luck :-)
Imogene - April 29, 2021
I have around 50 one of them are marked 4co/901 can you tell me anything about it Thank You
Sorry, I can't find this piece right now.
Louise - January 27, 2021
I have a large collection of cherished teddies, the majority in their original box and never been on display, and some dated from the early 1990s.
I noticed you highlight special auction above. Do you have any more information about these or where best to advertise/sell them?
Many thanks
Hi Louise, I don't know who is doing those special auctions. Most sellers sell these figures as a lot on eBay, but maybe there are also some collectors groups on Facebook where you can try.
Kimberley - November 28, 2020
I cant find value of cherished teddies "louella" and its numbered if that makes difference
I saw one on eBay for USD 30
Greg - November 25, 2020
I have a mint condition daisy does anyone no what I should ask as a starting price
Try this page for some prices: Cherished Teddies Daisy.
Edward - November 17, 2020
I have 75 Cherished Teddies for sale If anyone is interested please email willingly to let them go at a very good price
Angela - November 3, 2020
Hi, I have a big collection of Cherished Teddies in boxes with certificates that I have collected over the years and was looking at maybe selling them. Could you tell me how, where and what I should do this? Appreciate your help.
Hi Ange, I would sell them as a lot on eBay or maybe another Australian auction site or other marketplace.
Gwynne - November 1, 2020
Little Teddies on the Prairie - I have a collection of twelve "Little Teddies on the Prairie" including Marshall Bear Roundup, Black Beart, Miss Penny PaWS, Reverend Hibernation, Miss Merry Bear, O'l Doc Brown, Mr Money Paws, Mr Slither, Pawsy Roundup, Fuzzy Two, Growling Bear & Princess Gentle Paw - however I can find no reference to this collection which I estimate is around 20yrs old. Thanks for your assistance
I think they are Franklin Mint and not Cherished Teddies: Franklin Mint Little Teddies.
Bob - October 26, 2020
I am looking for miniature Cherished Teddies, number one and number 2
Also have a look here: Cherished Teddies Miniatures.
Debbie - September 1, 2020
I have Violet Cherished Teddy in great condition can you give me a range of the worth?
Hi, maybe this page will help to find some prices: Cherished Teddies Violet.
Laverna - April 14, 2020
Okay so I have a lot of cherished teddy bears dating all the way back to 1993 Oliver and Olivia be mine did I like to get rid of she let me know how to do that I appreciate it.
You could sell them as a lot on eBay or maybe find some dedicated collectors pages on Facebook.
Anthony - March 22, 2020
Hi. Found your website on Google. My wife found a box of her old Cherished Teddies and checked out the prices through your website... very helpful! She has what looks to be a very rare one (Daisy nr.910651 - Reg Number 3Z3/905? but unfortunately, we have no box or papers and the Butterfly on her bonnet is damaged. Any thoughts on a value in this current condition? Appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you and I hope you are safe and healthy.
Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment. I'm afraid I can't give you an estimation of your piece, but I see sold ones on eBay ranging from 80 to 120 USD.
Marcella - November 12, 2019
Vorrei mettere in vendita la mia collezione di orsetti come posso fare ? o
Diane - October 30, 2019
I am processing an Estate, and have a large collection of vintage Cherished Teddies from the 90's. All in never opened boxes. Where would I find value and collectors for these?
Sell them on eBay or Craigslist in a lot is what I would do. Take a look here for lot prices: Cherished Teddies collections.
Ireland - April 5, 2019
Ellen You color my rainbow 302775 and Brett Come to Neverland with me 302457
Each around 5 to 10 USD.
Patricia - January 5, 2019
Musical girl teddy plays ‘here comes peter cotontail’ 625302
Value between 30-50 GBP.
Patsy - May 12, 2012
I acquired several hundred teddies. all in orginial boxes and still wrapped in plastic, non are alike. How can I find out what they are worth and what's the most profitble way to sell them.
The most fast way would be an auction house to sell them as one lot, but you'll fetch more if you sell them online through for example eBay in smaller lots.