Chutes Away! is a vintage board game in mechanical home-arcade style. It was released by Gabriel Industries in 1977. It's kind of the plastic, wind-up grandpappy of Choplifter in reverse.

"Spring-wound motor revolces the paperboard turntable, needs no batteries. Plastic control base includes on-off switch to activate the tuntable. Soft, reduction lens mounted scope.
For ages: 6 years and up."

The game basically involved manipulating a plane's control stick, looking through a bomb sight, and trying to drop a plastic parachutist right on the money. One of eight parachutists were dropped from the plane's tail assembly by pulling a trigger on the stick. The "money" was one of ten holes on a round, rotating play surface.

chutes away game

Ostensibly the game was originally a bomber game where you sighted Laotian villages and got points for dropping a plastic cluster bomb on them. But the makers felt that during America's brief window of passivity (post-'nam and before Top Gun/Rambo) a game about bombing people -- no matter how stubborn they were in rejecting the American way and the American God -- just wasn't politically correct. So the game was changed to dropping parachutists into holes. The new fiction was the parachutists (not bombs) were rescuers trying to save lost yuppie campers (not lost nations toying with godless communism). The problem was you had 8 parachutists and there were ten target "camp sight" holes. The new pacifistic scenario ultimately required you to condemn two lost yuppie campers to death.

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Comments (3)
Karla - August 4, 2014
My "Chutes Away" is still working well. However, there are only two parachutes left. Is there a way to get replacements without purchasing the whole assembly?
Hmmm... I think you have to wait until you can find a real cheap set at eBay I guess.
Dolores - January 9, 2014
Where can I buy a "chutes away" game?
Isn't there one for sale right now on eBay? See the ads on the right of this page.
John - October 10, 2011
Many years ago, your game called Night Rescue -Chutes Away was great. Is it still available?
I don't think they are made anymore, but of course you can look on eBay (or through this website) if you want a vintage set.