Clockwork trains

Wind-up trains made by Hafner, Ives, Hornby, Bing trains, American Flyer and other manufacturers.

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Picture Title Date Price
mettoy o gauge clockwork tin train locomotive no Mettoy O Gauge Clockwork Tin Train Locomotive No... 07/2021 £24.20
hornby clockwork thomas train set Hornby Clockwork Thomas Train Set... 07/2021 £12.71
tin ranger toy train part of wind up set 77 Tin Ranger Toy Train Part Of Wind Up Set 77... 07/2021 £3.61
japan relpo musical train wind up musical baby Japan Relpo Musical Train Wind Up Musical Baby... 07/2021 £14.99
hornby red roger train carriages also triang Hornby Red Roger Train Carriages Also Triang... 07/2021 £15.13
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021£-.--

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Comments (2)
Chris - May 8, 2021
Nice site! Question: I have several Hafner 1010 locomotives and I'd like to know how to date or otherwise identify which of their #1010 sets included a #3057 caboose versus #81932 caboose. I'm short one caboose to complete a couple of #1010 freight sets, but I don't know which or both of the two cabooses to purchase.
I don't know, but the best place to ask would be here in this Facebook group: Hafner Trains Group.
Dan - August 29, 2014
I have just acquired a beautiful Ives No. 6 clockwork locomotive, but the motor spring is over wound, and is missing parts. I would really like to get a replacement motor so I can start running this train. Does anybody know where I can get a motor? Thanks!