Corcoran Mfg. Co.

Washington, Indiana, 1920s - 1940s.

Large, pressed-steel riding toy autos, metal trucks and trains under the trademark Cor-Cor.

Corcoran Manufacturing employed hundreds of people in Washington.

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1930 s cor cor toy pressed steel dump truck 1930 S Cor Cor Toy Pressed Steel Dump Truck... 06/2021 £110.47
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Comments (8)
Richard - July 25, 2020
How can I find the value of an old Cor-Cor train. I have the Engine, Coal Car, Sand Car and Cabouse. Thanks
Nick - March 8, 2019
Looking for 3 wheels ( two and three eights inches ) in diameter , 1 wheel ( 3 and one half inches ) in diameter and a bell for. Cor Cor train engine. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Nick - March 5, 2019
I have a engine,coal car and caboose that is in need of some repairs.I am trying to find 3 small wheels ( two and three eights inches) in diameter and 1 large wheel ( three and one half inches ) iin diameter. And a bell. Any help in locating these parts will be greatly appreciiated. Nick
Hi Nick, there are a few online shops specialized in repairs and parts of all toy manufacturers, like Randys Toy Shop: toy repairs and parts.
Twila - December 17, 2017
I bought a small green Cor-Cor toddler size scooter. anyone know the price value
Gary - June 8, 2014
my father started working at this company in 1939,am looking for any info on cor-cor- company,.thanks!
If I get more info I'll let you know Gary!
Bruce - May 30, 2014
I need a wind-up key for a 1934 Cor Cor Chrysler Airflow - anyone know where I might get one?
Wayne - February 9, 2013
I have an old cor cor graham sedan toy car, looking for car parts.
Maybe this cor cor parts website can help you.
Jack - August 10, 2011
need info on vintage cor cor trains, floor type, and buses. have part of one floor train. how maney diferent locoes did they make (floor type)