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The Crescent Toy Co. Ltd. was founded in 1922 by Henry Eagles and Arthur Schneider, initially producing various lead toys.

When Henry Eagles died in 1942, his son Harry (nicknamed 'Harvey') entered the firm. From 1947 to 1949 Crescent distributed the products of Die-Cast Machine Tools Ltd. (see under DCMT).

In 1949 the firm moved from south Tottenham in London to Wales (with 'Harvey' Eagles staying in London and setting up a firm by the name of Harvey), but much of the production was poor, although this period did see an interesting series of die-cast military equipment. Harvey sold his name to the Lone Star Toys company.

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Crescent value and price guide

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Comments (3)
Oldfatbikerbloke - May 20, 2012
My son picked up a Rustler Laramie Repeater rifle at a boot fair (UK equivalent of a yard sale) - can't find anything on internet... Anyone know anything about them please?? Thanks!!
V. - July 1, 2011
I have a Crescent matching pair Texan Pistols in original box with an oil bottle. The box says they are engraved .44 caliber replicas of an early cold gun. A feature of this particular gun was its octagonal barrel. It achieved great fame in the American Civil War and was used extensively during the legondary days of the wild west. Can you tell me the value of this set?
Bob - November 29, 2010
How can you tell a reproduction Crescent cast iron toy stove from an original? Are there any distinguishing marks? What is the difference between a "salesman's sample" stove and just a "toy" stove?