The Dressel family toy and doll business in Sonneberg, Germany operated for a very long time and passed from one generation to the next, by 1873 the company was known as the Cuno & Otto Dressel Factory.

Cuno purchased bisque doll heads from noted manufacturers such as: Simon & Halbig, Ernst Heubach, Gebruder Heubach & Armand Marseille. The doll company expanded to three factories; dolls were produced in Sonneberg, metal toys in Nurnberg and wood toys in Grunhainichen, Germany.

They were a very prolific producer of dolls and toys. The Dressel doll company used many different markings, one was a symbol of a winged helmet, initials of C.O.D. and some trade names were: Jutta, Jutta Baby, Bambina, Poppy Dolls, Victoria & Holz-Masse.

Cuno Otto value and price guide

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Item Title Date sold Price
German 14 Bisque Uncle Sam Character Apr 2019 £ 1 172,56
Superb Large 27 Inch Cuno Otto Dressel Apr 2019 £ 410,00
14 5 Inch Glass Eyed Paper Mache Lady Mar 2019 £ 352,00
34 German Bisque Doll Armand Marseille Mar 2019 £ 391,11
Large 31 Dressel Doll 1913 German Bisque May 2019 £ 230,76

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