Deutches Bundes-Gebrauchsmuster. Before known as DRGM (Deutches Reich-Gebrauchsmuster).

DBGM is NOT a manufacturer, but some kind of 'copyright' or 'patent' mark which has been used from 1949.

It is similar to the patent, but has a shorter term -about 6 to 15 years- and less stringent patentability requirements.

Dbgm value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Rare 60 S Tin Litho Greek Fino Dog House 10/2019 £41.38
Roco Minitanks Joblot 08/2019 £30.00
Roco Ho Oo Wwii Konigstiger Hfe10 10/2019 £3.74
Arlac Trimula 3d Boardgame Tic Tac Toe 07/2019 £6.00
Roco Modern Iraqi Military Scud A 09/2019 £9.15

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Comments (2)

Larry - March 30, 2014
Have a tin litho windup toy with DBGM Western Germany on it, a black woman withspoon and man with fan,stick or club. Can't find it anywhere. What do I have.

Ron - August 16, 2011
I have a tin toy gun. It has DBGM engraved. MI Germany Stamped. And what looks like gado engraved in fancy writing. It is a double barrel either pistol or derriger. If it is a cap gun it is like one I nver have seen before. Any thoughts