Delton dolls

Delton Products Corporation was founded in 1983 primarily as a wholesale distributor of porcelain dolls.

In the last 25 years, Delton has expanded its line to a full range of gift and home accessories, including soft sculpture, tea sets, plush, garden tin and seasonal decor. Delton now carries over 1,000 products, all of which are handcrafted.

At the beginning of each calendar year, Delton typically introduces 500+ new SKUs and several hundred more SKUs are added mid season.

In 2002, the United States Postal Service selected one of Delton's snowman soft sculptures to be included in a series of commemorative stamps.

Updated: 22 Sept. 2019

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Delton value and price guide

What's your Delton worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
delton limited edition rare 28 large delton doll 494 Delton Limited Edition Rare 28 Large Delton Doll 494 09/2021 £71.63
delton products victorian 25 inch porcelain doll 7109 5 Delton Products Victorian 25 Inch Porcelain Doll 7109 5 07/2021 £45.58
delton products victorian 24 inch porcelain doll 7048 6 Delton Products Victorian 24 Inch Porcelain Doll 7048 6 08/2021 £45.58
delton gay talbott boassy tiny tender toddlers baby Delton Gay Talbott Boassy Tiny Tender Toddlers Baby 08/2021 £47.03
delton products corp victorian porcelain doll Delton Products Corp Victorian Porcelain Doll 08/2021 £45.58
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices11/2021£-.--

Delton forum

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Comments (25)
Jessica - August 9, 2021
I have a delton doll. Looks like her name is Greia with a tag on the other side that reads 6005_5. What is she worth today
I'm afraid I can't find a doll named Greia, sorry.
Brenda - July 16, 2021
I have 131/1500 Martha 29 inch doll. Stored in original box and original bubble wrap. Brown/Blonde hair wearing light blue and beige dress. Bonnet and umbrella. Very beautiful. Number on box is 7117-2. Maybe purchased 16-20 years ago. Looking for any info on value.
I don't know, it's would be best to post your question in the Facebook group: "Let's ID our dolls"
Mary - March 1, 2021
I am looking for the value of 30” porcelain doll named Gwendolyn. 7020-2
1565 of 2500
Jean - January 30, 2021
Doll was purchased roughly 20yrs ago from a vendor outside of Notre Dame cathedral, Paris. She is roughly 18" tall. She is in a seated position with solid bent knees. Her legs got broken so exact height is estimated. I have taken off her clothes, shoes and socks and can find no identifying marks - nothing on arms either. I have also tried to look through her hair for marks but haven't found any. Her hair is attached in rows on what appears to be a mesh lining. She has a soft body. There are no tags on any of the clothing. She also has a wide brimmed victorian hat that matches the jacket but I don't have the hat with me to photograph. She has the same shoes as the Delton Red Hair and Pigtails Doll. Any help in identifying her would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
Peg - November 28, 2020
I found these beautiful sheep made by Delton. I can't find anything like them on the web. Have you seen anything like them before? Any clue where I might find out when they were made? They have tags that just say Delton Products, etc. Nothing else.
Although I found other sheep by Delton, I couldn't find these particular cuties, sorry!
Kelly - November 15, 2020
I have a delton 4 season doll that is in a basket with a congratulations and an accessory list. It says made in China for delton products corp atlanta GA with marking Reg. OH-16241. PA-5472RC With a number 5 on butt and 3 on abdomen. The 4 season wardrobe is present as is most of the accessories
Can't find info on this, sorry... Maybe you have the Angel Twig Doll? Try here: Delton Angel dolls.
Alicia - November 14, 2020
Since you have knowledge of these types of dolls, I have a Delton doll that was given to me but not sure what her name is or how much she is worth at this time and if she is at all. Would you be willing to give me that information? I would really appreciate it.
I don't know, but I'll leave your question here. Maybe other visitors know more and I'll forward any reply I get.
Mary - September 23, 2020
I just purchased a beautiful 21" doll named AnnaBeth. She came with a certificate numbered 274 out of 1000 by Delton Products Corporation. Her face is enchantingly realistic and she has gorgeous auburn hair in a bob, dressed in a plaid skirt and holding a rag doll with a matching dress ! I had not heard of these dolls and cannot find a similar doll on the internet. Can anyone tell me when she would have been produced and whether she is part of a series ?
Hi Mary, if you're on Facebook, put also a few pics in the group called "Let's Id Our Dolls". They're quite helpful!
Mike - August 17, 2020
I have a Delton doll model nr. 7010-6. Is it worth anything is excellent condition?
Limited edition (2000 pieces I think...) I saw one on eBay with a starting bid of 70 USD, but it didn't sell.
Theresa - July 27, 2020
I have a delightful African American doll with a disappointed look on her face. She has curly black hair and a light blue pinafore over a red print dress. I bought her at an auction in Pennsylvania in about 1991 from an elderly woman's collection so I believe she is probably from the 70's or 80's. Any idea of her name or value?
No idea, sorry... best is to search in Google Images for her.
John - July 21, 2020
I'm trying to put a value on a set(1 male in a t ux 1 female in dress w/bonnet cat dolls). Just says Delton products corp. On sm. Sticker on the bottom of stand
Probably around 15-25 USD.
Jeff - July 2, 2020
Can you tell me the value of a Delton doll named Shannon?
Galen - April 18, 2020
I have a Delton Lauren in Purple TuTu Ballet Outfit but can't find any information on it. Is there anything special about this one?
Sorry, I can't find info on your doll.
Suzy - April 10, 2020
I have a tea set, and it says not to use it for food...wondering why? Does it have a lead glaze?
No idea, sorry! I know that modern Delton sets can be used for drinks. Is it a child's set? Maybe because of small parts?
Vicky - November 10, 2019
I have been given a delton porcelain "nurse" doll. she is a beauty with bright blue eyes, an old time nurses uniform, cap and white hand bag with a red cross on the front. Can you please tell me anything you know about her? If you know her age and/or value that would be most helpful as well. thank you in advance, Vicky H.
Can't find anything, sorry! If you scroll down, you'll find a similar question from 2013 about a doctor and nurse doll.
Mb - August 27, 2019
i just got my hands on a porcelain doll by delton productions for free ,,, she has a certificate of authenticity stating that i am the proud owner of nr. 8603-t or it could be -s of which 1500 were made and i have nr. 430 she is in a very fine dress with one of those lace like umbrellas ... she is wearing lace hat with golden brownish blond hair she has LE delton productions on back of her neck her dress has a busule on back with black and gold glittery lace below the busele with strings of pearls also on the back her petti coat is satin with lace on bottom to descibe the dress a little better the fabric of dress being peachy with gold design lace high neck with lace collar the lace is also on lower half of her sleeves and the front lower half of dress is same lace her hair is curly in the bangs and lower part of hair is also curled up to her neck being held back with black lace netting . hope i have described it well enough as I have no idea on how to forward you a pic so if you have any questions about her that i could explain words please let me know when you email me back ... I would love to know what she is worth . Oh and she is un-touched in a card board box that is in prestine condition and she is 21" tall . thank you so much for your time ... cant wait to hear back from you
Hi there, you probably have a doll named 'Nell' from series 8603-5. I am so sorry, but I can't help you with a value. Maybe you can find her on Google images.
Kelly - May 9, 2019
Can you tell me the approximate value of a Brandi doll of which 1200 pieces were created by Delton Products Corporation. The doll is certified as being nr.0050/1200 of this series.
Sorry, I can't find anything on your doll...
Diane - January 16, 2019
I have a Gay Talbott Boassy doll name Rose Bouquet nr.232/2000 dated 2002. What is the value? Thanks
Hi, Rose Bouquet is not the name of the doll, but of a whole collection. Best is to Google "Gay Talbott Boassy Rose Bouquet Collection".
Robin - November 12, 2018
I have 2 Delton Porcelain dolls - Greta (reddish/brown hair, white feather on hat) 16" and Camille, short black bob hair, sailor suit, also 16" tall. New condition. Never out of box. I would like to sell, but have no idea of prices. Purchased in early 80's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Rachelle - February 6, 2018
I have a delton porcelain doll nr.7026-0. Her name is Jennnifer. She fits perfect in a 25" box. Blonde hair, brown eyes, closed mouth. Made in China. What is her worth?
Not sure, but you can use the link on my page for sold listings of Delton porcelain dolls and maybe you find one which looks similar to yours. Then you'll have an estimate.
Linda - May 2, 2015
Hi I have Bandbox Boassy Bears Baby Quentin by Gay Talbott Boassy. I bought it at the Las Vegas Gift Show maybe 10 - 12 years ago. How much is it valued at wholesale or retail price. I believe the bear is made out of mohair.Thank you
Toni - February 27, 2015
I have numbered 732/840 delton doll brown eyes maroon dress with white trim and white bib collar with a red button in middle and reddish hair. The symbol is in neck with word Delton
Alison - July 18, 2014
Hello,A friend of mine found a beautiful red haired doll with a cream colored dress and satchel. I am trying to find information on her. She has the Delton Products logo on her neck and the number 520/2000. Can someone help me with this?
Sounds like a limited edition, so number 520 from a total of 2000. Did you already try: Google images to find her?
Mary - July 9, 2013
hello i have a doctor and a nurse doll that are about 5.1/2 inchs or 6 inchs tall, can you give me any information about these dolls please. i have been looking on the internet and have had no luck finding anything about them. I am not sure when they were made or what they were sold for when they were first bought and what they would be worth today. I am saving these for my grand children and i would like to have all the information on all of my dolls for them.
I cannot find any info on Delton dolls: doctor and nurse... I only found one Delton nurse doll on eBay, 'Amy Nurse Doll', not sure if it's the same, sold for 15 USD.
Susan - December 8, 2011
I think so!