Denise Farmer is a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 5 grandchildren. She has several pets including some parrots. Over the years she has tried lots of different hobbies before coming across reborn dolls.

Over 4 years ago Denise came across a doll forum, and she was amazed that a simple vinyl doll could be turned into such a real looking baby. So she learned everything about the art of reborning and started on her first reborn doll.

Denise Farmer

After her first achievement she was so excited that she bought lots of vinyl dolls to give the reborn treatment to!

Updated: 15 March 2021

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Denise Farmer Reborn value and price guide

What's your Denise Farmer Reborn worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
ashton drake galleries reborn doll denise farmer life Ashton Drake Galleries Reborn Doll Denise Farmer Life 08/2021 £31.88
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denise farmer reborn doll lily reborned baby doll Denise Farmer Reborn Doll Lily Reborned Baby Doll 07/2021 £108.90
ashton drake reborn vinyl doll by denise farmer Ashton Drake Reborn Vinyl Doll By Denise Farmer 08/2021 £49.61
reborn baby doll denise farmer aston drake g 07 silicon Reborn Baby Doll Denise Farmer Aston Drake G 07 Silicon 08/2021 £48.40
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Comments (11)
Mina - March 23, 2021
Hey Denise I have baby girl reborn by you and one of her fingers fell of can you send me a new one I can send a picture of her
Hi, I'm not Denise, so I'm afraid I can't help you. Maybe try Facebook.
Lora - March 13, 2021
Bought a baby your name is on the back of head along with ADG 06 does she have a name
Hi there, I'm sorry but I'm not Denise Farmer, so I can't help you.
Keeley - November 15, 2020
Hi I have Jacob one of the twins. I been looking for info. All I know is he is 16 inches but I have no info on when they were made and his weight. I am also struggling to find original birth certificate.
I don't know where you can find original certificates unfortunately.
Barbara - April 3, 2019
I ordered one of your babies she is amazing I love her Thank you so much
Deborah - October 17, 2017
Hi interested in buying cherish doll or you melt my heart doll. Can you tell me what the body of the doll is like please. Thank you.
Victoria - January 1, 2017
I am interested a African American baby girl
Sherry - January 1, 2016
Could you tell me what silicone Tabatha is poured in. Happy New Year.Thanks,Sherry
I'm afraid I don't know...
Debbie - June 7, 2015
looking for your reborn doll joseph
Paulina - January 19, 2013
Hi , Denise .I wonder if you could give me some information i brought ( NADINE by BECKY BRIGHT , micro premmie OOAK reborn , sculpted by you ) Did Becky reborn it or you ? what is The angels keeper mean on back of babies head .I was told she cost £1,000 is that correct , i brought her 2008 she was reborn in 2007 i have no paper work on her , saw her in your files . I was told the lady had her made a copy of her daughter that passed away , any information would be greatful for . Love your work very talented at what you do . kind regards Paulina x
I am sorry Paulina, this page doesn't belong to Denise Farmer...
Justice - May 6, 2012
Hey thank you so much for baby cherish I love
Roberta - July 11, 2011
What is a re-born doll?
Best is to read this page for more info: Reborn dolls.