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In 2008, a range of Dinky Toys France replicas was introduced by the publishing house Editions Atlas, under the name of 'Dinky Toys from my childhood!' ('Dinky Toys de mon enfance!') and made in China. Nearly 60 cars and light trucks have already been officially reissued.

Editions Atla is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, but distributes partworks for collectors mainly in French-speaking countries but also in other European countries.

Editions Atlas ceased production of replicas. The production is taken over by ModelSpace.

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Dinky Toys Atlas value and price guide

What's your Dinky Toys Atlas worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
dinky toys atlas simca 8 sport great race Dinky Toys Atlas Simca 8 Sport Great Race... 05/2021 £215.02
dinky toys no 182 porsche 356a coupe windows boxed Dinky Toys No 182 Porsche 356a Coupe Windows Boxed... 06/2021 £190.00
rare atlas dinky toys 1404 citroen break id 19 Rare Atlas Dinky Toys 1404 Citroen Break Id 19... 06/2021 £150.00
dinky toys 295 atlas kenebrake near mint boxed Dinky Toys 295 Atlas Kenebrake Near Mint Boxed... 04/2021 £145.20
dinky toys model no 436 atlas cop co compressor Dinky Toys Model No 436 Atlas Cop Co Compressor... 05/2021 £133.10
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (4)
Dominick - June 6, 2019
Are there any plans to reproduce the dinky supertoy Mclane tractor trailer?
Good question! I'm afraid not, because I just read the Editions Atlas is not making any new replicas any more. You could ask here though: Dinky Toys replicas, they are still reissuing Dinky Toys.
Bruce - May 11, 2019
If and when will we see the Vauxhall range can't wait
Not sure, but I just saw this one on eBay...
Stanley - November 18, 2018
I am looking for an Atlas Dinky Chevrolet El Camino if Atlas have made it yet . If not is there any chance that Atlas will be making it ?
Not sure, you could contact Atlas directly or buy an original: Chevrolet El Camino.
Frgal - January 26, 2016
Děkuji za zaslání odkazu - popíš.katalogu vydaných modelů Atlas - Dinky. Děkuji
Dobrý den, bohuzel nemám katalogu vydaných modelů Atlas... Možná zde: www.editionsatlas.fr.