Edocars is believed to be a Dutch company. As with many toy companies, Edocar was at one time or another connected with other toy companies. Intex Recreation and Zyll Enterprises are two companies that provided U.S. marketing and packaging for selected Edocar toys, at least for a brief time.

On its own, Edocar remains obscure in the vast toy market. Most likely, Edocar markets others toys as their own, much like Model Power repackages Playart and Eidai models and Megatoys remarkets Maistos. A set of Coca-Cola race cars from Edocar were definitely castings from Action/Racing Collectibles, according to David Weber of Warrington, Pennsylvania. He indicates that these were unauthorized alterations of the latter suspected to be illegally obtained from the Action/Racing Collectibles factory in China.

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Set Of 3 Lledo View Vans St John Gate May 2019 £ 10,99
Edocar Like Matchbox Rolls Royce Silver May 2019 £ 10,67
Edocar Mini Series Em2 Citroen 2cv Die Apr 2019 £ 3,99
Edocar Chevy Chevrolet Express Custom Apr 2019 £ 1,00
Dutch Edocar Lledo Promotional Diecast Apr 2019 £ 3,16
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Henk - August 24, 2013

In the meanwhile I've spoken to the former owner/manager of Edocar; he states that the coca cola goodies were licensed (Edocar had connections with Hartoy )Would realy be interested in more details of goods sold in the america's (due to Maisto related items, Edocar was not permited to export/sell in the US).

Henk - April 2, 2013

Edor Benelux was the mother company of the Edocar Brand.Original Dutch company goes back to the 1950's, as they were the main distrbuting company for Matchbox/Lesney.A couple of providers for the Edocar models were Maisto, Realtoy,Hartoy,Yatming, Imperial, Loyal Bright. In 2007 the Edor Benelux filed bankruptcy.
►reply: Thanks for this info Henk, dank je wel!