The 1962 Eldon Automatic Bowling Game 'Bowl-A-Matic' featured a bowling lane, a bowler and a pin setter. With a crank you can move the bowler into correct position and after releasing the bowlers arm the bowling ball will roll down the lane knocking over the pins. "A game of skill and fun for all ages", originally selling for $16.98.

This unique game received an Honorable Mention from Popular Mechanics' "Toys Of The Year" awards in November of 1962.

This vintage bowling game measures more than 4 feet in length with a base made from brown simulated-wood, or molded plastic, blue. The alley is made of a type of fiber wood. Here are the Eldon Bowl-A-Matic schematics and patent info.

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Devin Gillespie - June 13, 2015

Hi I have been looking for an Eldon bowl-a-matin fully functional for a in expensive price can anyone tell me where to find the except eBay please contact my email [admin will forward] thankyou
►reply: I'm afraid they are difficult to obtain, so ebay is the most likely place where to find one. Or put up a 'wanted' ad on Craigslist.