In 1946, Armando Ravasini reproduces the 0691 and the E428 and what has been a mere hobby so far becomes a company. These two rail-cars will be followed by other carriages and wagons.

In 1964 Franco Ravasini replaces his father in the leadership of the company. He improves the company's range of products and over the years he will produce more and more improved models.

In 1993 Fabio e Maurizio Ravasini carries on the family tradition, and by entering the 3rd generation, he starts a new age for the company by producing new models and keeping the 60 years of ELETTREN'S style unchanged.

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Comments (3)
Cloclo - February 17, 2020
Please do you know where to find ELETTREN Parts?
Best is to try their website, mentioned in a comment below. There is an email address you can contact on their homepage.
Bill - October 1, 2018
seeking the light bulbs for the tinplate coaches and locomotives.also a complete motor chassis for the large elok
Bill - February 29, 2016
please where may I obtain elettren spare parts for locomotive?
I don't know... Have you tried the Elettren website?