Goldmedal winning (GDS Competition) Elly Knoops began sculpting in the mid 90's. In the beginning, she sculpted both dolls and reborn babies, but now she is only creating babies. In 2004 she developed her first reborning kit. This first baby, Eefje, was presented at te Nurnberg Toy Fair.

Elly's first dolls were made in hard vinyl. This changed after a visit to IDEX, Orlando in the USA, where she discovered soft vinyl which is now the preferred kit type especially for rooting hair.

Elly Knoops

In 2008 Elly Knoops introduced the new series of long limbed soft vinyl kits: Amy, Chrissy and Debby. The newest addition to the family is Daphne, introduced in 2009.

Elly passed away in November 2019.

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Elly Knoops Reborn value and price guide

What's your Elly Knoops Reborn worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
super cute reborn baby boy luca by elly knoops Super Cute Reborn Baby Boy Luca By Elly Knoops... 04/2021 £333.10
custom made reborn baby luca elly knoops you Custom Made Reborn Baby Luca Elly Knoops You... 04/2021 £345.00
beautiful reborn baby boy luca by ellie knoops Beautiful Reborn Baby Boy Luca By Ellie Knoops... 06/2021 £130.00
ashton drake doll jillian by elly knoops rare in Ashton Drake Doll Jillian By Elly Knoops Rare In... 04/2021 £121.00
fenna by elly knoops doll kit Fenna By Elly Knoops Doll Kit... 04/2021 £36.17
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (2)
Linda - February 27, 2021
I did not know elly passed away. I am so sorry.
Crystal - February 13, 2013
I am looking for a reborn newborn baby, with hair, pascifier,full body with the cute belly button, eyes closed, I really would love to have one but it must be a fair price. please let me know where I can order one from. I live in the us and need to know the price in US currency. THANK YOU and MAY GOD BLESS YOU EACH AND EVERYDAY.
Hello Crystal, I don't sell reborn dolls, but there are many for sale on eBay in all price ranges. Many of the sellers are also the artists so best is to ask them directly your questions.