Originally patented by A.C. Gilbert (today owned by Meccano), an Erector Set is a brand of construction sets from metal. It consists of pulleys, shaft collars and axles, plates and girderswheels, gears and electric motors and various metal strips with holes and nuts and bolts to connect the pieces.

"Educational, Instructive and Amusing"

The first set was manufactured in 1913 and was called "The Erector / Structural Steel and Electro-Mechanical Builder". The name was changed to "The Mysto Erector", "The Toy That Resembles Structural Steel" in 1914. Erector quickly became the most popular toy construction set in the US, because you could take it apart and build something entirely different with it. And it was the only construction toy set to contain a motor.

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Comments (3)
Jeanne - November 9, 2019
I am would like to sell my erector 6 1/2 set. I am unable to locate a parts list to confirm it is complete. Can you help?
Sorry, I can't help you with a list... You can look here for prices and maybe one of these sellers has a list: Gilbert Erector Sets 6 1/2.
Tom - June 15, 2019
I have a 9 1/2 Erector Set, blue box from the 1940's, with a few spare parts (I bought parachutes in the 50's), not mint condition as I used it a lot, but pretty good. The manual is missing the front cover. What's the likely value?
Hi, I made this link so you can have a look at erector sets recently sold and currently for sale from the 1940s, maybe you can find yours or a similar set: Erector set 1940s.
Ann - October 17, 2017
My erector set is in a wooden box and is no.0. What is it worth