The name Espewe is derived from the abbreviation 'SPW' for 'Spezial-Pr├Ągewerke', which is German for 'special embossing works'.

Espewe was the most commonly used brand name for 1/87th scale plastic model cars made in the GDR. The biggest model car factory in the country was located in Annaberg-Buchholz in the Ore Mountains and started production in 1961.

Besides 1/87th scale models of contemporary domestic cars, buses and trucks, the range also included military vehicles and a series of diecast classic car models in 1/50th scale, in which various cars from (East) Germany were modelled, as well as a 1916 Rolls-Royce. In the 1980s the Plasticart brand name was also used for the Espewe models, and after 1989 s.e.s from Berlin continued to produce some of these models.


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Item Title Date sold Price
Gdr Toy Model Flight Box Tank Car Benz Apr 2019 £ 44,13
Espewe H0 1090 Diesel Tractor D4k 1041 Feb 2019 £ 26,39
Espewe Model Truck S4000 1 1 87 Gdr May 2019 £ 9,27
Espewe 1017 2 H0 Blank Empty Box Over Feb 2019 £ 24,63
Espewe Model Speaker Car B1000 1 87 Gdr May 2019 £ 8,39
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