EXÍN Castillos, also known as EXIN Castles is a construction toy introduced in 1968 by the Exin Lines Bros., Barcelona.

The plastic blocks are of a peg-and-socket design similar to Lego, though with larger pegs and were designed for the construction of miniature castles. They are usually a mottled light tan color to resemble stone, and a few sets were made using pale blue blocks, for a castle "fantasy" theme.

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Exin Castillos value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Large Lot Building Blocks Spain Mondial 09/2019 £206.00
Big Lot Approx 1385 Pieces Instructions 08/2019 £180.00
Gran Alcazar Xi Ref 0211toy Blocks 09/2019 £134.02
Building Bricks 08/2019 £99.00
0 1 Collection Of Toy Castle Building 07/2019 £65.00

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