Josef Falk began as an employee (salesman) of Georges Carette, but in 1895 he founded his own company. J. Falk produced many model steam engines, including some rather large overtypes. In 1912 Falk bought out Schoenner steam engines line for which he already produced engines since 1907.

After the First World War, Falk worked together with Bing, producing a some engines with the combined JF/BW label.

In 1934 the Schaller Bros. bought out Falk and the manufacturing of model steam engines ceased.

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Rich - April 20, 2019
I’m looking for parts for falk 450 (Site glass shield and screws) Please email me.
Visitors can leave a message and I'll forward them to Rich.
Gates - May 28, 2015
I need help in identifying a Falk item: has a builder's plate on tin display stand w/J., German tower, then F. Smoke stack and twin flywheels are similar to Htf 1915, but water tank is much larger(4 3/4" X 7 1/2") Smoke stack stands on a 2"L X 3"D cylinder w/9 holes in front. Green in color.Any help would be appreciated.
I'm not an expert on Falk, but you can try on this website: Josef Falk Steam Engines and contact the webmaster or this one: Peter's Toy Steam.
Brian - January 25, 2014
Hi again. thanks for your reply to my problem. I have examined the engine and found the make it's a Marklin model single cylinder, I think my bigest problem will be fitting the glass tube to the front of the boiler so if you have any ideas on this and what type of paste filler i need i would be gratefull for your coments. thanks again Brian.
Hi Brain, best to ask experts on some model steam forum, like this one.
Brian - January 23, 2014
I have a Falk It looks like the Falk 143/3 it's all in bits but it looks all there apart from some worn gaskets etc. does anyone out there have any instructions for rebuilding same and should I repaint it or not. Thanks Brian.
Hi Brian, I am no expert but maybe you can ask collectors like like this one or here.
John - May 14, 2013
Have a overtype with base stamped on bottom JF 521 Would like to find out more on this engine to check out its originality, and what may have been replaced.Respect fully