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The Flintstones is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC. The series takes place in a romanticized Stone Age setting, and follows the activities of the titular family, the Flintstones, and their next-door neighbors, the Rubbles , who also are their best friends. The series was originally broadcast from September 30, 1960 until April 1, 1966, in a prime time slot, the first such instance for an animated series.

The continuing popularity of The Flintstones rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting. The Flintstones was the most financially successful and longest running network animated franchise for three decades, until The Simpsons debuted in late 1989. In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Flintstones the second greatest TV cartoon of all time (after The Simpsons).

The show is set in the town of Bedrock (pop. 2500), a comical, satirical version of the Stone Age which, although it uses primitive technology, resembles mid-20th-century suburban America. The plots deliberately resemble the sitcoms of the era, with the caveman Flintstone and Rubble families getting into minor conflicts characteristic of modern life. In this fantasy version of the past, dinosaurs and other long-extinct animals co-exist with cavemen, saber-toothed cats, and woolly mammoths.

"The Flintstones" was nominated for an Emmy in 1961 for "Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor". They lost to "The Jack Benny Show".

Source and more info: Wikipedia.

Updated: 21 August 2019

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flintstones hanna barbera signed cel ed mammoth Flintstones Hanna Barbera Signed Cel Ed Mammoth... 05/2021 £889.59
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Samuel - April 1, 2020
I have an original animation cel signed by Hanna Barbera , Address to my wife. What’s it worth ? I see some of them online for over 3k
Not all of them sell for these asking prices. I also don't know if having names on them would decrease the price. Have a look here (also at the sold items list) and try to determine your value, it's very difficult: Flintstones Signed Cel.
John - February 4, 2019
I have over 2000 items from the Flintstones everything from porcelain cookie jar’s glasses are magnets moon porcelain figures plastic figures rubber figures spoons plates and it made it sells lithograph cells I am and have a 19 I believe 65 or 66 Flintstone wagon Flintstone car Flintstone tricycle I have happily Hooper pig stick I have so many things if there’s anything anybody is collecting or needs give me a holler by sending a text
People interested can respond with the above form and I'll be happy to forward them to John.
John - February 1, 2019
I have a collection of Flintstone stuff from the 60s and 70s I even have cells