Food Fighters toys and action figures were were only available from 1988 to 1989; however, because of their affordable design, discount stores carried them until early in the 1990s. The Food Fighters were developed based on foods that were popular and were constructed from soft rubber with plastic limbs. They were offered with plastic backpacks and weapons that could be removed, and the figures wore hats and helmets.

Mattel's Food Fighters toys were divided into two separate groups that fought against one another: the heroes, called the Kitchen Commandos, were headed up by Burgerdier General, and the bad guys were called the Refrigerator Rejects and were led by The Mean Wiener.

Riding out to battle in vehicles, the Food Fighters action figures participated in combat operations with a functional arsenal at hand.

Food Fighters value and price guide

What's your 'Food Fighters' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Picture Title Date Sold for
1918 Us Food Administration Feed A 06/2019 £ 82.41
Mattel 1980s 07/2019 £ 63.09
Mattel 1980s Rare Blueberry Syrup Short 07/2019 £ 50.00
Mountain Dew Inflatable Jet Fighter 06/2019 £ 41.20
Mattel 1980s Rare Blueberry Syrup Short 07/2019 £ 40.00
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