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Francois Gaultier has a reputation to have manufactured elegant and exquisite bisque French dolls. Gaultier produced doll heads for several well known doll companies such as Gesland, Jullien, Rabery & Delphieu, Simonne, and Thiller.

Gaultier's factory was located in St. Maurice and Charenton in the province of Seine, on the outskirts of Paris, France in 1860. Francois Gaultier continued doll making until 1916 with the later years joing the S.F.B.J. (Société Francaise de Fabrication de Bébés & Jouets).

A bébé by Francoise Gaultier is much more difficult to locate than a Poupee de Modes doll. The bébés are characterized by their pale complexion, delicate shadowed eyelids, large wide set lustrous paperweight eyes, fine lined in black, plump cheeks (like Jumeau Bru) fully outlined and parted lips. Gaultier made the following dolls: Fashion Type Poupée de Mode, Glass eyes; Fashion type Poupée de Mode, Painted eyes; Block Letter Bébé, Composition body; Block letter Bébé, Kid body; Scroll Mark, Closed Mouth, Exceptional; and Open Mouth Bébé. Doll sizes range from size 8 to 35 inches tall. The 8 inch size doll is only found with the Scroll Mark, Closed Mouth Standard doll; Fashion Type Poupée de Mode, Glass eyes; and Fashion Type Poupée de Mode, Painted eyes.

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victorian doll f g francois gaultier closed mouth 79cm Victorian Doll F G Francois Gaultier Closed Mouth 79cm 10/2021 £46.00
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Hello,I would like to know when Francois Gaultier dolls come in to your shop for sale. Thank-you.
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