Georg Levy (GeLy)

Nuremberg, Germany, 1920 - 1971.

GeLy trademark. Georg Levy produced automotive tin toys under Kienberger name "Kiko" until 1920, then launched his own firm. For several years Levy was a partner of Hubert Kienberger (HuKi).

In 1934 Georg could no longer work for his company, because he was of Jewish descent and he suffered under the regime of the National-Socialism. His company has been acquired by Karl Ochs and the name was changed in "Neurenberg Tin Toy Factory".

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Comments (2)
Chris - September 24, 2020
Hi found this image on Pinterest
What a beauty!
Chris - September 13, 2020
Hi I recently saw a George Gely miniature crank handle airplane on eBay similar in size to the miniature train that goes round in a circle when you crank the handle. Would you have any info or images of the aeroplane?
I don't have any pics from the George Gely airplane, but you could try here: Google Images.