Geographia Ltd. was a London-based publisher of maps, map board games, globes and atlases from the early 1900s to the late 1980s. Thereafter, it was eventually absorbed into Collins Bartholomew, the cartographic division of HarperCollins.

Geographia was founded by Alexander Gross (1879-1958), 'a truculent Hungarian immigrant.' The firm manufactured atlases and street maps of all major cities in the United Kingdom, the most popular of which was the Greater London Street Atlas and its New York office produced street guides for American cities in the mid 20th century.

Map board games by Geographia Ltd.

Motor chase across London, Commonwealth trader, Touring Europe, Touring England, Touring Scotland and Plantit

plant it game

Geographia value and price guide

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Sandra - August 19, 2010

Hi there, I am looking for a game from the 1940's called plant it. Could you give me any information on it please.
Many thanks
►reply: Hi Sandra, its a board game from Geographia Ltd. and it's called 'Plantit, For All Garden lovers'.