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O. & M. Hausser, Stuttgart (Ludwigsburg), Germany, 1904-1983.

Otto and Max Hausser specialized in dolls, toys and military miniatures and soldiers of composition sawdust and glue, made under the name "Elastolin". Also made still banks from 1929-1939.

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Picture Title Date Price
starlux gaul cape javelin shield fh41011 jim Starlux Gaul Cape Javelin Shield Fh41011 Jim... 03/2021 £10.74
hausser elastolin medieval 7cm 8810 lady figurine Hausser Elastolin Medieval 7cm 8810 Lady Figurine... 03/2021 £68.73
hausser elastolin karl may 7cm 7532 translucent Hausser Elastolin Karl May 7cm 7532 Translucent... 03/2021 £38.66
hausser elastolin catalog 1970 indianen und Hausser Elastolin Catalog 1970 Indianen Und... 03/2021 £3.99
hausser elastolin medieval 7cm 8831 red Hausser Elastolin Medieval 7cm 8831 Red... 03/2021 £155.51
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021£-.--

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