In 1865, Edward Imeson Horsman started a toy and doll company in New York City and became a leader in the doll industry.

Babyland Rag Dolls

In the beginning, they produced the trademarked name of 'Babyland Rag Dolls' an all cloth doll, a variety of Mama and Baby composition dolls wearing painted or molded hair, wigs, and sleepy (painted) eyes.

Can't break Em' dolls

From 1909 the toy firm used a new production process to make the 'Can't break Em' dolls. In the 1930s Horsman bought the Louis Amberg & Son doll company which was their competitor at the time and continued to make some of their dolls, notably the Vanta Baby.

In October 1933 Horsman was purchased and became a subsidiary of the Regal Doll Manufacturing Company. By the 1980's the Horsman name was sold to an Asian company and produced dolls under the name 'Horsman Ltd.'. Today the dolls are made in Hong Kong.

Horsman markings & identification

Some Horsman doll markings:

Some series were unmarked. Usually heads had markings from other manufacturers.

Updated: 12 July 2019

Horsman value and price guide

What's your 'Horsman' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK).

Picture Title Date Sold for
1930s Doll Composition 25 Happy Baby 09/2019 £374.06
Doll Large 26 Eih Baby Dimples 09/2019 £197.08
1930 40 S Mama Doll 20 08/2019 £201.02
2 Little Debbie Dolls 07/2019 £7.84
Rare Htf Jeanie Doll 14 Composition 07/2019 £157.66

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Comments (5)

Cindy - September 5, 2019
I inherited 2 horsman dolls, most likely from the 1920s. One has a cloth tag, possible porcelain in good shape. The other has eyes the open and close and 2 teeth showing. Is the a wholesale buyer I can sell these to? I'm not interested in putting them on ebay, craigslist, etc.
Not sure, I'm sorry. You could search on Google for 'we buy antique dolls', maybe you'll find a wholesale buyer.

Jane - September 5, 2019
I am looking for an original Ruthie dress. Navy blue with a pink and white apron and a white collar. Thank you.
I'll forward any message I get Jane! Also try this link now and then to see if one pops up: Horsman Ruthie.

Teresa - August 15, 2019
I recently purchased 2 model numbers 13731 never been out of boxes life size drinkee walker dolls. What are they worth?
Sorry, can't find any info on this number. There are not many for sale right now, but you could try this page now and then to see if yours pops up: Horsman Drinkee Walker

Gerald - March 22, 2015
I Have recently purchased a doll on eBay that was advertised as a Horsman doll. The markings don't match up with what I've seen. There is an H.with a copyright sign and a C. on the back of the neck. Do you have any idea what this doll can be?

Betty - November 5, 2011
Have doll marked E.I.H.Co.IFC with a "C" with a period inside the C surrounded by a circle. 26" tall, open mouth, dimples, cloth body and upper legs, rest plastic/bisque? Would like to identify - need money to support mother in assisted living.
Here I found a page about identifying Horsman dolls on