Incredible Edibles was a toy sold by Mattel from 1967 to 1968. It was a series of circular metal molds into which Gobble-Degoop, a gelatin based gel, was squeezed into. The form was then placed in a small oven and baked into a rubbery soft candy in the shape of worms, insects, and flowers among others, coming in six flavors: licorice, mint, butterscotch, cherry, root beer and cinnamon. Tutti Fruitti, banana and raspberry were offered in refills and accessory kits.

In 1968 Kooky Kakes was introduced to bake small cakes and decorate them with arms, legs, and faces using Gobble-Degoop and cake mixes. Other accessories could be purchased on blister cards as well as a few additional mold sets.

A Super Incredible Edibles was offered which combines both separate sets into one large set. The "Incredible Edibles" formula was created by chemist Don Lusk.


Updated: 13 April 2021

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Incredible Edibles Toy value and price guide

What's your Incredible Edibles Toy worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
cucumber brown russian an ukrainian heirloom incredible Cucumber Brown Russian An Ukrainian Heirloom Incredible 08/2021 £4.18
1967 mattel incredible edibles buggydroops kooky kakes 1967 Mattel Incredible Edibles Buggydroops Kooky Kakes 08/2021 £101.72
disney s incredibles cupcake toppers edible image baby Disney S Incredibles Cupcake Toppers Edible Image Baby 08/2021 £2.90
1967 mattel incredible edibles daforoops kooky kakes 1967 Mattel Incredible Edibles Daforoops Kooky Kakes 08/2021 £101.72
30x incredible hulk cupcake toppers edible wafer paper 30x Incredible Hulk Cupcake Toppers Edible Wafer Paper 08/2021 £2.24
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021£-.--

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