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The Japanese company Daishin C.K. manufactured the classic cymbal monkey during the three decades of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s under the name Musical Jolly Chimp. It screeched and showed its teeth when its head was pressed. It had a black on/off lever on its back and came with a green arm tag.

Other versions

Later versions from other toy makers copied the facial expressions but often changed the toy's outfit and name. In the mid 1960s through the early 1970s a Japanese built Charley Chimp, was sold by street peddlers on the streets of lower Manhattan in NYC. Other brand names include: Musical Monkey, Wind-up Monkey Playing Cymbals from Russ, Pepi Tumbling Monkey with Cymbal from Yano Man Toys, Clockwork Musical Monkey with Clashing Cymbals and Magic Monkey. There is also one called Charlie Chimp from Lincoln, which is different from Charley Chimp.

With many other companies manufacturing various versions in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines the toy's appearance varies. The change in manufacturing countries was primarily due to factories going out of business and seeking the lowest manufacturing costs. This is still the case today. The monkey has been seen wearing red and white striped pants and a yellow vest with red buttons, or red overalls and a stocking cap. Other outfits include green striped pants, blue striped pants, a red shirt with either green or blue pants, and plaid blue overalls. The monkeys are sometimes rendered with red rings painted around their wide-open eyes, creating an appearance some find disturbing, perhaps explaining their many appearances in horror, sci-fi and comedy media. They can also symbolize emptiness and stupidity.

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Terry - December 25, 2019
Sadly, the internet is largely absent of information about this wonderful toy. I'm trying to date the various models from the Daishin company but it seems to be an exercise in futility. Is there a prominent authority or source for such questions?
I know what you mean. It must be one of the most prominent toys in history, yet it's difficult to find any info, especially on dates. I can only recommend looking at other auctions and maybe the sellers put a date in their descriptions...