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Kellermann value and price guide

What's your Kellermann worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
reprobox for cko kellermann sport no 368 super rare box Reprobox For Cko Kellermann Sport No 368 Super Rare Box 08/2021 £20.95
kellermann flasher relay electrical 12v 2 or 3 pole Kellermann Flasher Relay Electrical 12v 2 Or 3 Pole 08/2021 £25.40
handlebar end indicators bl 2000 dark black e tested Handlebar End Indicators Bl 2000 Dark Black E Tested 08/2021 £75.19
indicator relay kellermann r2 Indicator Relay Kellermann R2 08/2021 £26.94
kuryakyn kellermann atto black rear red running turn Kuryakyn Kellermann Atto Black Rear Red Running Turn 08/2021 £52.70
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021£-.--

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Comments (4)
David - January 24, 2020
Hello John, It seems that most of my question didn't reach you for some reason. The question was, although my motorcycle looks exactly like a 341 with side car
Curious, again the question didn't reach me completely! I have a fairly simple form, and for some reason if there are special characters used (ie. hashtags, quotes, etc.), it sometimes stops working, so maybe that's what happening here...
David - January 16, 2020
I have what looks like a No 341 military motorcycle
Great toy, and can around 150-300 GBP, sometimes more. Also look here: CKO motorcycles.
David - January 13, 2020
Hi,I found an old tinplate motorcycle
Not sure if there was more info which didn't get through here, but Kellerman motorcycles can be quite expensive nowadays. Also have a look at CKO (that's what they're also called) motorcycles.
Lolly - September 25, 2018
I believe I have a rare CKO Socius Tin Racer browns and black. Ex cond except back rider is unattached. Still works but makes a clicking sound when turning to left. This is from my grandfather in Switzerland. It has NR 353 on the side. Says US PAT appl for and Engl PAT appl for. ALso says made in US zone Germany. I can supply photos. Looking to sell.
You're looking at 300-500 USD. Nice toy! Best is to sell on eBay, where the collectors are, or you can find a tin toy facebook group.