Kenner introduced the Super Sonic Power (SSP) toy series in the US in 1970 and made them until 1978. The vehicles (trucks, cars, motorcycles) were six to nine inches long, and powered by a ripcord, attached to a gyro wheel, that could propel them to amazing speeds.

The series included a wide range of racers, dragsters, and realistically proportioned stock cars, and the first models were made from coloured plastic. They had silent wheels, but later they were equipped with a strip that rubbed on the axles to make a loud and howling sound.

By the mid-1970s, the SSP cars featured multi-color graphics, chrome finishes, and spark shooting wheels. There was also a series of Smash-Up Derby Cars with hoods, doors, trunks and wheels that were designed to fly off on impact.

A few models were licensed to other toy companies around the world like Reisser, Denys Fisher, and Harbert and were in production into the 1980s.

Updated: 4 January 2021

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