King Zor was designed by Marvin Glass and Associates for the Ideal Toy Corporation. Other toys designed by Mr. Glass include Mr. Machine, Mousetrap, Crazy Clock, Robot Commando, Smarty Bird, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Gaylord, Odd Ogg and many others. King Zor is my all-time favorite childhood toy.

King Zor came with a dart gun, 5 darts, and 5 little yellow balls which Zor used as "missiles". Once you loaded Zor with the missiles and 2 fresh D size batteries, you were ready to play. When you flipped his "on" switch, he started to roll about the floor. There was no need to guide him, he automatically backed off, roared and changed direction when his tongue hit an obstruction.


Who is greater, you or ZOR? You are on equal terms if you load him with the same amount of BALLS as you have DARTS. If you can hit his TAIL each time and make him shoot all his BALLS, you win... if you miss, he wins.

A complete Zor is getting very difficult to find today. When you do locate him, he's usually at a toy auction. You can sometimes find this toy for sale on ebay.

Updated: 13 April 2021

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1 comment
Dan - October 19, 2021
I am looking the Box and packaging for King Zor. Do know I can possibly get that?
Good question, and I don't have a clue, sorry! Maybe there are some collectors groups on Facebook?