Kingsbury Mfg. Co., Keene, New Hampshire, 1919 - 1942.

In 1895, founder Harry T. Kingsbury bought Wilkins Toy Co. and combined it with the Clipper Machine Works. In the early 1900s, toy cars were introduced to the company line. The Wilkins line was dropped following WWI in favor of Kingsbury, which was by know an established name in the field.

By 1916 Kingsbury had developed machine tool technology.

Kingsbury specialized in copying famous models of aircraft and assembly-line, trucks, and buses. WWII saw Kingsbury shifting to war contracts and never returning again to toy production. While the firm remains in business, toy production ceased after 1942.

By 1945 Kingsbury was riding high on the rush of the post-war automobile business and all manufacturing was shifted to the design and manufacture of specialty machinery for a variety of metal forming industries. The company was taking on the look of today's Kingsbury Corporation.

The company still exists, but is now part of the Optimation company.

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Comments (12)
Ed - November 4, 2019
I'm looking at a very old looking pair of 7" long cast looking metal scissors/shears with the trademark "Kingsbury Mfg. Co. Keene NH".My Dad worked for the company for 40 years and had shared its history of producing metal toys. But this item?? Can you offer any background information??
Sorry, but I have no idea. I know they made scissors, here is one, but I don't know much about them. Maybe another visitor knows more...
Glenn - September 26, 2019
I have two fire trucks very good shape no ladders or seat or fireman wondering the value of them wheels are in tack too
No idea, but there are some incomplete fire trucks for sale right now so you can compare: Kingsbury Fire Trucks.
Pat - March 16, 2019
I have a Kingsbury Fire Ladder wagon, windup toy, steel with wood ladder. Ladder deploys when front bumper hits something. I am missing the front wheels (spoked, not solid) and portions of the 2 section ladder. Would like to complete this toy. Thanks
Difficult, but you could try the several links to online part shops in other comments. Good luck!
Karen - September 29, 2018
Looking for a Kingsbury Greyhound Bus back door.
Difficult! Now and then there are some busses for sale on ebay, some cheap for parts. Still expensive though, last month one rusty one was sold for 63 USD.
C - July 24, 2017
looking for a Kingsbury spare parts shop , any suggestions I have tractors and crawlers thankyou
Try here:
Jim - July 15, 2015
Sometimes there are parts for sale, search for Kingsbury Golden Arrow.
K. - February 2, 2014
I have a Kingsbury flip book ,believe it was my fathers as a kid. It a plane flying called the silver arrow. any one got info on it.
Sorry, I only found this sold item and this page... Not sure if they are the same.
Dave - October 26, 2013
looking for a steering wheel and air chamber (wooden) for a 1920"s Kingsbury steamer with front driver. My steamer has the straight frame, no kick up for front wheels.
Here is a supplier of Kingsbury toy parts.
Ken - June 3, 2013
i just bought a 1930s kingsbury fire truck and i just found this page that has the same truck it is the aireal ladder i was wondering how many are out there .there are 3 on the sight that are like mine thank you ken g
Kingsbury made lots of these trucks, however the question is of course: how many are STILL out there after so many years? That I can't answer. Look frequently on eBay to see if they show up for sale now and then and to see how many interest is in them. Mind, some of these are repainted over the years.
Teresa - July 27, 2012
My mother bought a kingsbury ride on toy at a yard sale years ago . Its a big yellow Bryan meat semi truck , it had a battery at one time. It has Kingsbury on all 4 tires and a silver sticker on the front that says Kingsbury toys.. Can you tell me where i can find some info on it ? I keep getting back to the tin toys . Thank you !
I found a website which may help you in your search:
Ds - December 7, 2010
I\'m needing information on Kingsbury Toy coal mining truck with wind up motor and coal chute.
I am not an expert on Kingsbury, but maybe you can try here.
Stuart - August 20, 2010
I am needing a 6 volt battery for a Kingsbury Toy - a car/wagon about 2 feet wide / 4 feet long. The battery chager seems to be working. I live in London, Ontario.