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In 1932 Georg Köhler founded the game and metal goods factory in Nuremberg. Trademark became the three letters GKN intertwined standing in a triangle. The first animal figures were a frog and a bird, each lithographed and with clockwork. Later came the dog with stick, ducks, squirrels and other tin toy figures. The friction and movement drives were bought by the company Gebrüder Bühler from Nuremberg. The outstanding feature is that the animals move like their real life counterparts.

Updated: 26 June 2020

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Kohler value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
cat mouse old mechanical toy kohler western german Cat Mouse Old Mechanical Toy Kohler Western German... 02/2021 £12.84
2 x kohler germany tin plate clockwork pecking 2 X Kohler Germany Tin Plate Clockwork Pecking... 01/2021 £12.99
tinplate plastic clockwork pecking bird g kohler Tinplate Plastic Clockwork Pecking Bird G Kohler... 01/2021 £11.55
kohler german tinplate clockwork german pecking Kohler German Tinplate Clockwork German Pecking... 01/2021 £9.50
kohler gnk masudaya nomura singing bird wind up Kohler Gnk Masudaya Nomura Singing Bird Wind Up... 01/2021 £130.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021£-.--

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Comments (3)
Allen - October 30, 2020
I have the Kohler rolling cat with ball which I am restoring. The tail is missing and I cannot understand how the tail mechanism works. Can anyone describe how it works and how it is attached internally. Thank you.
Jay - December 25, 2017
received a kohler germany tin wind up hopping frog. saya made in west germany. it has good paint green yellow black and some red
The hopping frog has a value of about 4 to 8 USD.
Amanda - May 14, 2012
how do you find out about kohler tin toys? I have a tin monkey that looks almost exactally like one on e bay that was made in 1940 i would like some information on it can anyone help me thanks